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Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices | Electronics Product Design & Consulting

Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices designs electronic products and provides engineering consultancy services.

We have the engineering capability to deliver better solutions & professional advice in the engineering fields of electronics hardware, embedded software, software, systems, telecommunications, electrical and electromagnetics.

Embedded Devices has broad experience across commercial (consumer, computer, telecommunications, medical, safety, mining), defence, government & infrastructure industry sectors

Electronics Product Design

Our field-proven industry experience, expertise and strong customer focus is key to satisfying your requirements ; we engineer and co-engineer electronic products that deliver effective solutions whether they be cost, performance or feature oriented.

We also source new technologies and integrate them intelligently to produce competitive solutions in the marketplace.

Our work encompasses all phases of the development lifecycle such as ideas, requirements analysis, transforming requirements into concepts, concepts into a specification, a specification into a design, a design into prototype, technology transfer to manufacturing, & maintenance

Engineering Consulting

We work throughout industry, providing effective engineering recommendations & solutions that best suit business requirements.

We identify important technical issues, solve problems, optimize performance, improve reliability, improve efficiency, and find better engineering processes and solutions for your business operations.

Consultancy activities typically include, start-up meetings, on-site inspection & survey, practical and theoretical engineering analysis, recommendations, written reports, and effective solutions.

Our consulting expertise covers the engineering fields of Systems, Electrical, Electromagnetic Fields, Telecommunications, Electronics, Software, & Regulatory Standards Compliance.

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