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Embedded Middleware for wireless electronic device design

Supplier: Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd

Clarinox embedded middleware reduces technical risk and reduces time to market. Wireless modules, plus dynamic debug and trace features work together to facilitate faster design and maintenance.

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Project structure and infrastructure code for the application modules are generated automatically thus eliminating some possible errors, such as memory leaks.

Clarinox provides both Windows and Linux versions of the infrastructure so users can develop their applications on a desktop environment  and move directly to the target platform with confidence of compatibility.


This middleware provides all the necessary infrastructure for the embedded software engineer to develop without the need to know the real-time operating system (using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ or GNU tools as appropriate). Prototyping and simulations can be done, without the need for hardware, on a PC running Windows 2000/XP or Linux (e.g. Debian, RedHat, Suse).

Supported RTOS

Windows, WindowsCE, Linux, uClinux, Cygwin, uITRON, VelOSity, eCos, QNX, TI DSP-BIOS.


Threading, Timer, Semaphore, Mutex, IPC   message passing, Event handling, Finite state machine. ClarinoxSoftFrame provides standard libraries, memory management functionality for deterministic execution on all platforms. Debug, trace and profiling functions improve the product quality and speed up time to market.


The Platform Interface guarantees the smooth porting of applications to different hardware. Add-on protocols instantly put your team ahead of the competition by  providing off-the-shelf wired or wireless protocols.