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Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus | Aurora AUR-15-AL

Supplier: Siebe Gorman

The Siebe Gorman Aurora EEBA Model is a positive pressure Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus with Airline fittings.


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The AUR-15-AL EEBA is designed to enable a person to escape from a work area in the presence of dangerous dusts, gases and fumes which may be oxygen deficient. The apparatus comprises a facemask, demand valve, breathing pneumatics, airline attachment, cylinder and cylinder valve. All are contained in a unique carry satchel.

EEBA features:

Facemask and Demand Valve:

The AUR-15-AL uses a lightweight and comfortable facemask with an Air Switch Demand Valve with By-Pass and a Nomex Net Head Harness. The facemask consists of an outer Silicone mask with Silicone reflex edge face seal. The visor is made of a scratch resistant, moulded double curve Polycarbonate, with an anti-mist coating. The facemask and demand valve are completely submersible for total cleaning and sanitising to the latest OSHA regulations.


The EEBA pneumatic system comprises a pressure reducing valve with a spindle, piston & spring mechanism.

This mechanism operates in a way that it reduces the high cylinder pressure, controls output & back pressure, and also maintains positive pressure to the demand valve. The demand valve is therefore unaffected by the constantly changing air pressure in the cylinder as the contents are used.

The additional airline attachment is to allow the user to connect to external air supply. The external air supply must have a minimum pressure of 100 psi.

Carry Satchel:

The AUR-15-AL Carry Satchel features a bag for the cylinder and a pouch to house the facemask. The satchel is made of durable, flame retardant PVC in high visibility orange. An adjustable shoulder strap allows the user quick access to the facemask for a hands-free escape to a safe environment. User friendly donning instructions are printed in the satchel.

Cylinder and Valve:

The basic AUR-15-AL comes with a 3 litre, 200 bar (600 litres of free air) steel cylinder providing the user 15 minutes nominal duration of air. The cylinder valve is fitted with a safety ratchet locking mechanism and pressure contents gauge. The equipment is designed to be in a state of readiness at all times and is kept adjacent to the potential hazard. It is emphasised that this is an ESCAPE apparatus only and immediately it is donned, the wearer must leave the hazardous environment.



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