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Emergency services

Supplier: Electrodata Pty Ltd
03 August, 2011

Why is Electrodata the best solution to secure reliable recording in the emergency services sector?

We have been assisting emergency services since 1970 to minimise call handling errors, improve staff efficiency and assist investigations through the recording of voice communications and associated call data. With our voice logging recorders you may:

  • Review last calls with a single mouse click.
  • Securely replay archives using any computer.
  • Quickly search and find all calls covering an incident
  • Create a scenario of relevant calls and replay them in sync.
  • Search for and replay calls from anywhere on the LAN/WAN or Internet
  • Store multiple archives at separate sites (e.g. main and DR centres)
  • Store to CD, DVD, DAT or network storage.
  • Record two-way radio and/or telephone calls.
  • Interface to any modern CAD or CRM system using web services.

Our innovative range of call recording and quality assurance products can interface to virtually any telephone, radio or VoIP system you may be using. In this way we have helped thousands of organisations around the world where the spoken word is important.