EMI: 15 symptoms of wireless radiation sickness

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09 April, 2014

It is becoming more commonly accepted that close range radiation exposure from holding a mobile phone to your ear is a health hazard.

If you read the small print in your mobile phone manual you will discover that even the manufacturer warns you to keep your mobile phone at least 1cm to 1.5cm away from your body!

There is however, less data about the health implications of long-term exposure to lower levels of radio frequency radiation from from Wi-Fi, smart meters and other forms of wireless communication. Is it possible that the almost constant exposure to this electrosmog is gradually undermining our immune system eroding our health?

Perhaps we will have more definitive answers in 10-20 years as the wireless revolution is relatively young and still growing. In the meantime we are all (willingly or not) a part of a huge wireless experiment. According to some surveys up to 5 per cent of people may suffer from some form of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Whether you are EHS or not, we are all being bombarded almost 24/7 with levels of RF radiation thousands to millions of times higher than what we would have been exposed to just 20 years ago.

The question is: Are you feeling lucky or more importantly are you or your family being affected without even realising it?

Here are 15 commonly reported signs of wireless radiation sickness – Fatigue – Headaches/Migraines – Nose Bleeds – Difficulty Concentrating – Dizziness – Nausea – Vertigo – Visual and Auditory Distortion – Racing Heart Rate (Tachycardia) – Anxiety – Depression – Memory Loss – Attention Deficit – Skin Rash – Hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD – Night Sweats – Insomnia.

This is quite a list of symptoms.

Even if only 5 per cent of the population are being noticeably affected is it wise to be rolling Wi-Fi out in schools, hospitals, libraries and other public places when we don't even know the long-term health implications?

I am particularly concerned about the affect wireless radiation is having on our children. We have a two and a half year old son and I certainly do not want him to be exposed to strong Wi-Fi signals all day long when he goes to school.

The problem is that there are virtually no schools in Australia that are not currently using Wi-Fi! For this reason we have begun a new mission to have WiFi banned from Australian schools until proven safe.

We know that this will be no easy mission and we will be met with much resistance both from the telecommunications industry as well as educational institutions that would rather not have to deal with the inconvenience of reverting to wired internet.

Nonetheless, there is mounting evidence that strong Wi-Fi signals are adversely affecting children in schools and this information should not be swept under the carpet.

Here is a link to a very good website http://wifiinschools.com/index.html It contains lots of compelling information about the inherent risks of Wi-Fi.

If you have children at school and are concerned about this issue I recommend you join the movement and let your concerns be known to the school administration and share with them the information from websites such as http://wifiinschools.com/index.html or http://www.wifiinschools.org.uk/

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