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Employee Time & Attendance System Solutions | Mitrefinch Australia

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia

We provide a range of Time and Attendance Solutions that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

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With Mitrefinch Workforce Time and Attendance Software, we make it easier than ever to manage your complete workforce - regardless of industry, size, or work patterns. Our Intelligent Employee Management options can monitor and collect employees' clocking times, and find ways to increase productivity, cut costs, reduce absences and improve payroll accuracy.

Monitor employee time and attendance to determine the impact of unplanned absence on productivity and bottom line


Absence Management - Mitrefinch time and attendance software can track absence patterns and identify problem areas, giving you a chance to discuss the situation with an individual and find out if there are ways to make positive changes. In many cases, just knowing that there is a Mitrefinch system in place is enough to deter staff from taking unnecessary leave. Read more...

Have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time – every time

Skills Management - Mitrefinch skills and ranking tools help you manage talent - ensuring you always have the best team on hand to meet your business goals and maintain the standards you need to be competitive. The Skills Matrix lists employees by organisation, department, team or shift and shows the skills of each group member. Users can update skills and training, track upcoming training, ask to be notified when an employee needs training and search for employees on site with specific skills.

  • Ensure shifts, departments and teams are covered with skilled employees

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses and adjust as needed to plan for future requirements

  • Instantly identify employees with particular skills, and identify training needs to ensure certifications are current

  • Ensure skilled cover during holidays, sick leave and other planned and unplanned absences

Seamlessly integrate Mitrefinch with existing systems

Systems Integration - Mitrefinch can seamlessly integrate into your company’s payroll solution, Outlook, Sharepoint or Intranet, delivering the benefits of automated workforce management across your organisation. Our development team ensures you benefit from the most up-to date functionality available. We can also undertake bespoke work to develop specialised solutions for your business. 

A real-time view of work in progress and productivity allows for better calculations of production costs for quotes and billing


Budgeting & Labour Costing - Managing performance and costing labour and jobs is vital to an agile business. Knowing the capacity and efficiency of departments and employees helps you make the right business decisions. Mitrefinch Budgeting & Labour Costing functionality allows you to track projects and use data to make improvements for the future.

  • Access a real-time view of work in progress via attractive graphs, planners or custom reports that can show totals and overtime hours worked by employees

  • Track projects by hour, quantity and cost and identify items over the estimated budget

  • Use current data to manage future resources, ensuring that workforce deployment remains within budget

  • Avoid unexpected job-related expenses with labour planning and overtime control and ensure jobs are on track and within budget

  •

Easy to use tools and reporting provide you with data that matters

Time and Attendance Reporting and Analytics - View employee data in real time, and take the hassle out of forecasting workloads, resources, and budgets. Use Mitrefinch to ensure your organisation, departments, and teams have the right number of skilled employees to meet workloads, using both current and historical data. Analyse data and forecast activity, preventing both understaffing and overstaffing.

  • Draw upon current and historical data to forecast future workloads

  • Explore ‘what if’ scenarios that aid you in making proactive decisions

  • Save money by reducing understaffing and overstaffing

  • Ensure you are compliant with work rules and industry legislation

Generate work records based on employee clocking activity

Timesheets - Work records are available as intuitive timesheets via a web-based portal and can be maintained by employees and supervisors as needed.

  • Enter all hours for a period of time at once, and create and modify a working record in an intuitive and visual manner

  • Draw and expand work shifts on a time based grid and set up a 'favourite' schedule - saving you having to set up identical schedules again and again

  • Allocate time to certain projects

  • Timesheet changes can be automatically sent to supervisors to be checked off/ authorised

  • Supervisors can view group timesheet – displays a group of employees

Wherever your employees are, Mitrefinch has the data capture solution to suit your business


Time and Attendance Data Capture - Mitrefinch has a range of data capture options designed to collect project, time and attendance information across a diverse workforce. Regardless of where your workforce is, be it in the office, factory floor, on the road or at remote sites, we can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs.

  • Robust, wall-mounted time clocks (barcode, proximity fob & biometric finger or hand scan)

  • Kiosk clocking (TAS Kiosk)

  • PC based clocking

  • Web clocking

  • Mobile Phone Apps

  • Online Timesheets

  • Desktop USB Biometric Devices

  • SMS Text Messaging

Converse with staff via SMS, email, or web portal to advise on shifts available

Staff Communication - Mitrefinch Messaging allows supervisors and employees to communicate easily. Send a notification to employees on upcoming shifts available and then record their responses. Once approved, the system automatically allocates the employee to the relevant shift or working pattern. Notifications can be sent to qualified employees by email, SMS, or via the Mitrefinch Employee Self Service web portal and employees can respond to messages to indicate if they wish to work. The system displays a shortlist of people who have sent positive responses.

  • Employees can specify availability via a web portal

  • Easy to use - employees simply send a text message

  • The system is capable of receiving an unlimited number of texts

  • Supervisors can schedule recurring message to be sent out at a specific time

  • Facilitates better communication between management and employees

Implement flexible working practices and track of employees' working hours wherever they are

Flexible Working - Flexible and mobile working practices are becoming more commonplace. Mitrefinch's web-based functionality can assist employers in effectively managing and tracking a mobile or remote workforce. Staff can remotely clock in and out of tasks, appointments and projects via desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks and the latest communications devices and smart phones. Self Service tools also allow employees to view their holiday entitlements, apply for leave, and request updates to their personal records without having to converse with HR staff. Read more...

Ensure you are compliant with penalty rates and awards

Award Interpretation & Entitlements - The Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system takes the stress out of payroll processing, award and entitlement calculations. Easily calculate base and overtime pay, weekend and public holiday penalties, as well as leave loading and shift penalties, ensuring consistent application of your business rules and compliance with workplace legislation. A direct interface to your external payroll application further reduces payroll administration and the potential for costly payroll errors.

The Mitrefinch MS Outlook plug-in allows you to interact with some great features - right from your Outlook email

MS Outlook email plug-in - Available in Supervisor or Employee mode - this intuitive add-on makes working more convenient. Employees have an Employee tab in their MS Outlook email which displays a list of recent clockings and the project they are currently working on (if applicable). They can submit annual leave requests here too. Supervisors have a list of users, their onsite status, and a list of pending leave requests - which they can address directly without having to log into the full Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system.

  • View real-time Onsite Lists in Outlook

  • Analyse recent clockings, flex balance, hours worked, and hours allocated to projects

  • Employees can submit leave requests directly from Outlook, while supervisors can approve requests

  • Synchronise the Absence Profile with your Outlook calendar

  • Supervisors can monitor particular employees and set notifications to appear when the clock in/out

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