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Employees behaving badly

Supplier: Mitrefinch Australia By: Katrina Hall
22 October, 2015

Is it time for us to all just grow up?

The results of a recent survey published by employment services firm CareerBuilder indicate that almost four in five employees have witnessed some form of childish behaviour in the workplace. Some of the behaviours cited in the survey include refusing to share resources, pranking others, and even lunch crowds where only certain ‘cool kids’ are invited.

Sound familiar?

While some kinds of childish behaviour in the workplace tend to be viewed as more acceptable - as a tried and true way to blow off some steam, and diffuse tense situations – most decision makers would agree that at a certain point, a line needs to be drawn. This is especially true in situations where people feel targeted, bullied, left out, or where groups are too cohesive and end up wasting time.

At a certain point people need to just… well… grow up.

So how can managers gain better insight into the kinds of individuals, groups and jobs that are particularly productive and profitable, as opposed to those individuals and areas where improvements need to be made?

Allan Murdoch, Mitrefinch Australia's resident workforce management expert explains, "I wouldn’t say [Mitrefinch time and attendance software] is able to determine the causes as to why it takes one group five hours [to complete a job], and another group ten hours, but it is a fair guess. Maybe they are too familiar with each other. That could be the case. Perhaps there is a lack of training, poor communication, high absenteeism rates, or the work environment itself - noise, clutter, etc. There are all sorts of reasons as to why people are non-productive. All these things can have a significant impact on productivity."

"What our system can help do, is identify these instances so decisions and measures that will positively impact profitability can be made," added Murdoch.