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Due to the custom nature of our production at SES, we maintain a large stock of enclosures to suit the wide range of transformers we make

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Are you in need of electrical Enclosures for your equipment?

Due to the custom nature of our production at ses, we maintain a large stock of enclosures to suit the wide range of transformers we make.

You may want to purchase some of our enclosures, even if you don't need any of our transformers at this time.

SES can supply:

  • Enclosures For Single Phase Transformers
  • Enclosures For Three Phase Transformers
  • Custom Enclosures

Advantages of SES Enclosures:

  • Wide range of enclosures available ex-stock
  • Custom enclosures can be made to suit your special requirements
  • Robust construction
  • Choice of floor mounting or wall mounting (up to 5KVA)
  • Australian Standard compliant

Our available range of enclosures starts from small IP54 PVC cases (110 x 110 x 80mm) to suit transformers up to about 75VA.

Powder-coated steel enclosures (IP22) with gland entries & removable lids to suit transformers up to about 10KVA.

Larger enclosures to suit transformers above 10KVA are also stocked.

These cases are also IP22 rated, powder-coated steel enclosures. Due to the larger currents in these transformers, cabling is usually up under the raised base of the enclosure, which is made easy by the inclusion of a removable gland entry plate. Mesh in the base of these enclosures allows a free flow of air drawn in from underneath, while large angled vents near the top provide for the air outlet.

Generally our range of enclosures is designed for indoor use, but special enclosures can be made for outdoor applications if required.

In addition to our own range of custom cases, we also use the wide range of cases available form such suppliers as B&R Enclosures, Rittal, Legrand and many others.

The Universal NI range of IP66 enclosures from B&R is often used to provide wall mounting cases for transformers up to about 5KVA. While usually constructed fro powder-coated Zincanneal, these Universal NI enclosures are also available in 316 marine grade Stainless Steel.

Contact us to discuss your enclosure requirements.

For an explanation of IP (Ingress Protection) ratings see table

IP Rating

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are an international system of defining the degree of protection provided by an enclosure. Australian Standards has adopted this IP code in AS1939 - 1990.

The IP rating is represented by two numbers (for example IP54) where the first digit indicates the protection from intrusion by objects (hands, fingers, dust etc) and the second digit indicates the degree of protection from water.

A third digit is sometimes used to specify the degree of impact resistance.

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