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Endo high efficient air hoists achieve speedy and safe work.

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  • Small and compact body provides easy handling.
  • High-speed operation provided by ENDO air hoists serves the improved working efficiency to the work which requires considerable frequency.
  • Smooth and step less operation avails for precise works like Jig setting.
  • Non-step speed control is available. Operation speed depends on the pushing degree of the push buttons or the pulling degree of the control rope.
  • Easy installation. The air hoist works after hose connecting. No adjustment is required.                                      *always makes sure of air blow before connecting the hose with an air hoist. This is important to avoid the unexpected trouble of control valve etc.                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • ENDO air motor realizes safe working condition against the work in the risk of explosion like the chemical factory.

Structure of ENDO air hoist

The vane motor is applied to ENDO air hoists. Seven vanes are composed of one set of vanes and incorporated in rotor. These vanes are moveable toward radius direction and moves in the biased cylinder receiving air pressure. The moving vanes move the rotor and finally lifting and lowering are realized.

Endo "Air Hoist" Series

Explanation about speed control

Non-step speed control is available. Operation speed depends on the pushing degree of the push buttons or the pulling degree of the control rope.

ENDO air hoist speed control is associated with the accelerator of motor bicycle or car. Pushing degree / pulling degree controls the speed of lifting / lowering.

Wire Type


Wire rope series


1.Reduction gears are planetary gears which are small and light and can take large speed reduction
ratio. Reduction gears are well heat-treated having adequate strength.

2.Control valve is engineered with spool valves of spring return in 2 positions and 3 ports. The valve
works by controlling the lever switch connected with the spool.

3.The cone brake system is applied to the wire rope hoists. The durable cone brake connected with
the control valve is integrated with the proper speed reduction mechanism at air motor, finally
achieving the excellent control.

4.The reverse winding protection is incorporated in EHW air hoists series. When the wire rope is pulled out 1.9 m, the system makes the air motor stopped automatically. Safety working is provided.

Chain Type


Load chain series

Endo chain hoists employ the surface hardened load chain with T, Grade 8.


Pendant switch

  • Pendant switch PCS-1 / PCS-2
  • Pendant switch PCS-1B / PCS-2B                                                                                                                         (emergency stop included; CE available)

Cleaner set

This device is available for eliminating noisy volume and gathering the exhausted oil from the exhaust hole. The device contributes to clean environment.

Other option available

Stainless steel load chain

Due to the low breaking load of this type of chain, the nominal capacity of EHL-1TS, EHL-2TW would be reduced 20%. (800 kg and 1600 kg each). For 3 ton and 6 ton hoist, no stainless chain is available.

Chain buckets

ENDO supplies a chain bucket for the under mentioned chain lengths.

MTH Series

Air motor trolley - MTH series -

The ENDO air motor trolley can work at the chemical factory or in hazard condition safely so that power source is the compressed air. Stepless speed control is available. The working efficiency will be improved at frequent operation because high speed operation is achieved as well as delicate operation.