Energy | Case Study - Clarke Energy, Wilga Park Gas Conditioning Skid

Supplier: Oomiak
03 December, 2012

Solution: meeting the increasing demands for specialised cooling plant

Wilga Park Gas Conditioning SkidWilga Park

Oomiak was contracted by Clarke Energy for the design and fabrication of a skid mounted gas and  pre-chamber gas conditioning unit for the Wilga Park Coal Seam Methane Power Station in Narrabri, NSW.

The Wilga Park Power Station has a gas gathering and processing system to deliver gas from the Coonarah Field, to the power station site at Wilga Park, 12 kilometres west of Narrabri.

Oomiak’s scope of work for this project included the following plant and equipment:

Pre-Chamber Gas Conditioning Unit

The pre-chamber gas conditioning unit consists of a shell and tube gas cooler and shell and tube gas re-heater designed to reduce the moisture content of the Coal seam gas from the main blowers by cooling down below its saturation point and removing the condensed moisture in a knock out pot before reheating it up to 40oC and 50%RH. The heat exchangers are served by a refrigeration system designed to provide the cooling and reheat source for the heat exchangers.

Main Gas Conditioning Unit

The Main gas conditioning unit consists of a shell and tube gas heater designed to heat the main Coal seam Gas flow from 15 to 45oC which is served by a heating a hot water reticulation circuit consisting of a gas fired boiler, primary and secondary heating circuits and a thermal storage tank. Modulating capacity control is provided by a mixing valve controlled by the package PLC based on gas outlet temperature.