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Energy Efficiency training program is now in development

02 November, 2009

The Energy Efficiency Training Program is being developed by the NSW Department of Environment Climate Change and Water (DECCW) in partnership with the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET).

The program builds the skills and numbers of energy efficient tradespeople and professionals to support improved energy efficiency practices, products, services and business management in a low carbon economy.

The program is part of the NSW Government's $150 million Energy Efficiency Strategy which is helping NSW households, business and government save energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program:
      • provides training subsidies for Registered Training Organisations to deliver accredited short courses in energy efficiency skills.
      • supports development of energy efficiency education for delivery of the Higher Education sector (eg universities).
      • develops energy efficiency education for the Vocational Education Training sector, targeting professional development of educators and trainers.
      • supports innovative Industry Partnership projects to facilitate greater uptake and effectiveness of energy efficiency training programs and courses for trades and professions in key industry sectors.
      • undertakes research to support better planning and delivery of energy efficiency training.

Expressions of Interest sought for Industry Partnership projects
DECCW is seeking Expressions of Interest from individual businesses, groups of businesses, industry bodies and training providers to develop and deliver targeted training and measure benefits.

The two funding options available are:
      1. Company Demonstration projects from individual businesses or groups of businesses.
      2. Course Development projects from partnerships between industry (groups of businesses and/or industry bodies), and training providers.

Company Demonstration projects can apply for funding of $30-60,000, with timeframes of up to six months.

Course Development projects are offered funding of $30-100,000 with timeframes of up to 12 months.

Expressions of Interest are invited by 5pm, Monday 16 November, 2009.

Will your business apply for the NSW Government's grant? Share your thoughts on a low carbon economy using the form below:

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