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Energy Management Solutions - Metercom

Supplier: Sphere Systems

The Metercom can accept both kW and kVAr pulses from up to 3 meters. In addition the Metercom must have the mains synce pulse available.

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The Metercomdoes not control work and is used in cases where sub-metering monitoring is required.

The Sphere Systems Metercom monitors energy consumption for your plant. It is designed to provide sub-metering capability for your site. It provides data logging and energy reports.

A Windows-based Graphical User Interface is used to allow the user to configure and interrogate the Metercom. It is also used to log the data from the Metercom and to report alarms.


  • Graphical display of energy usage on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Listing of energy usage on an hourly basis.
  • Reporting of peak energy usage for user selectable time periods.
  • Ability to display energy usage and costs for user selectable time periods.


  • Accepts meter pulses for kW, kVAR and End-of-Interval (sync pulse)
  • Front-end calculation of KVA and Power Factor
  • Monitors up to 8 pulse inputs (3 KW/KVAR meters or 7 KW meters)
  • Provides per-meter pulse calibration
  • Onboard real-time clock
  • Standalone operation or can be part of a total building automation system.
  • Operates without a PC through a modem for dial-up access.
  • Can be integrated with the Sphere Systems building access and security system.
  • 12 day onboard logging of energy usage using battery-backed memory.
  • Fully user-programmable.
  • Configured using a graphic interface, no programming language to learn.
  • User-defined dynamic drawing screens allow easy monitoring of your plant.
  • Fully Windows® 9x/NT/2000/XP compatible.
  • Fully Australian designed and manufactured.


  • The Metercom is designed to fit Augat 3TK Series SnapTrack.
  • The Metercom is 200 mm by 82.5 mm wide and 30 mm high with connectors.

Power supply

Nominal 15V DC @ 250ma, unregulated via screw terminals or Plug In connectors

External Connection

Data - 20 way Flat ribbon, 3 metres maximum.


All electronics and power supplies can be mounted in plastic or metal sealed enclosures to meet environmental requirements. No fans, heat sinks or other heat dissipation methods are required. Field wiring connections can be provided through plugs, sockets or penetrations in the enclosure meeting expected environmental requirements.

Enclosures will be sized to accommodate the equipment to be housed.