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Energy Management Solutions-PowerCom

Supplier: Sphere Systems

The Sphere Systems Powercom is an intelligent designed to keep your plant operating within the Maximum Demand limit.

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The Sphere Systems Powercom is an intelligent designed to keep your plant operating within the Maximum Demand limit.

It helps reduce your energy costs while keeping your building fully operable. The data logging and energy reports allow you to control how your plant operates. If you have an emergency generator the Powercom will also automatically control the loads connected to this generator.

The system is fully autonomous and does not require a PC to be connected to the system to operate.

The Powercom is designed to be connected directly to the smart meter, normally provided by your energy service provider.

The Powercom acquires pulses from the smart meter and uses these to calculate the kW, kVA, kVAr and the power factor of the installation.

The Powercom has the ability to store 14 days of acquired data. In the event of a power failure to the Powercom, all settings and data-logging will be held in the battery backed memory.


  • 8 Analogue inputs 0 to 10 volt.
  • 24 Digital inputs (volt free) with pulse counting.
  • 24 Digital outputs.
  • 8 Analogue outputs.
  • 16 Analogue variables.
  • 16 Digital variables.
  • 8 P,PI Functions.
  • 8 On/off switch control function (Discrete Loops).
  • 32 Time clocks.
  • 24 Logic Functions (PLC).
  • 8 Delay Functions.
  • 8 Alarms with paging facility.

Special Functions

  • Automatic data downloading to PC.
  • Maximum Demand Load Shedding Function.
  • Emergency Generator Load Shedding Function.
  • Fully compatible with Sphere Facility DDC System.


  • The Powercom is designed to fit Augat 3TK Series Snap Track.
  • The Powercom is 200 mm by 82.5 mm wide and 30 mm high with connectors.
  • Power supply
  • Nominal 15V DC @ 250ma, unregulated via screw terminals or Plug In connectors
  • External Connection
  • Data - 20 way Flat ribbon, 3 metres maximum.


  • All electronics and power supplies can be mounted in plastic or metal sealed enclosures to meet environmental requirements.
  • No fans, heat sinks or other heat dissipation methods are required.
  • Field wiring connections can be provided through plugs, sockets or penetrations in the enclosure meeting expected environmental requirements.
  • Enclosures will be sized to accommodate the equipment to be housed.

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