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Energy Management Solutions

Supplier: Sphere Systems

The Powercom and Metercom are both controlled by Sphere Systems' Facility. In addition to this, Sphere Systems will include Power32, a powerful tool for the display and analysis of energy usage.

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The user interface to the Direct Digital Control (DDC) system is via a Windows based program called Facility running on a PC.

The 32 bit program runs under Windows 98/2000/XP or NT4, and uses a standard graphical interface. A great deal of emphasis has been given to ensure that the system is easy to use yet powerful enough to solve every situation normally encountered in building and power management.

Thus there is no programming language to learn, complex control functions are constructed from basic building blocks using click and point techniques. The keyboard is only required to enter details such as point names. The software gives the user complete control over the system.

The user can develop plant drawings overlaying text, dynamic images and point data. Drawings unsing dynamic graphics can be constructed using user defined templates. When running online, the point data will display the actual field data and this can be modified by the user at any time.

The flexibility of the Facility software allows full customisation of what the user wishes to see. Password logon and other security features allow limiting to what functions individual operators can access.

The power report generator allows the joining of a number of separate meters to provide pseudo meters. With the user configurable tariff structure you can generate sub-metering bills and construct hypothetical data to help reduce your energy bills.

The full power of the power management system is realised when it is connected into a network of other Powercoms, Metercoms and Minicoms which will provide a total DDC and Energy Control System.

The various devices are interconnected using a standard RS485 LAN allowing up to 10,000 points within a single network. The system is scalable and multiple networks can be used to expand the system without limit.

Power32 - Information on hand

The Power32 program is a very powerful tool for the display and analysis of energy usage. With a touch of a button you may access detailed reports displaying information as desired. Energy data can be displayed in a graphical or tabular format. By entering your current tariff structure, you may generate reports showing the breakdowns of your energy consumption.

A number of meters may be combined to form a pseudo meter and you can generate individual energy breakdowns for each meter as well as total usage for the summed meters. Being able to generate energy consumption data in real time allows you to minmise your energy costs and provide budgetary forecasts.