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Enerpac torque wrenches join global controlled bolting family

Supplier: Enerpac
10 August, 2015

Tough new pneumatic torque wrenches designed for optimum safety, simple operation and outstanding reliability have been introduced to the market-leading Enerpac global family of controlled bolting solutions.

The new Pneumatic Torque Wrenches – in maximum torque capacities from 1356-8135 Nm (1000-6000 ft lb) – share the global service, backup and reliability of Enerpac tools in widespread use throughout Australasia and worldwide.

Designed to optimise service life and minimise downtime, the square drive wrenches incorporate low-friction planetary gearboxes to minimize wear and extend uptime. They also feature commonality of motors and parts to facilitate maintenance in demanding industries including mining, oil and gas, construction, transport, ship building, manufacturing and power generation.

The CE certified tools, delivered with a calibration certificate to ensure accuracy and safety, complement the full global Enerpac ranges of controlled bolting solutions for joint assembly, controlled tightening and separation. Enerpac technologies span mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and high-pressure hydraulic (700 Bar/10,000 psi) technologies including hexagonal and square drive torque wrenches, tensioners and complementary solutions-based technologies all available from the one source.

"Because of their cost-efficient, simple and rapid high speed continuous rotation operation - using standard factory and mobile compressors found across a huge range of industries – Enerpac pneumatic torque wrenches will be especially suited to workshop tasks and on-site applications requiring speed and easy operation," says Enerpac Bolting Product Manager Andrew Marsh.

In addition to performance, durability and reliability, an outstanding advantage of the new tools is their availability and service backup through the proven and long-established Enerpac service and distribution network, says Marsh. Service backup and product availability extends from global and national resources through to local and individual worksite experience of Enerpac's extensive network of service centre operations complemented by local Enerpac Territory Managers.

"Enerpac's one-stop, solutions-based approach – containing a full range of optimum tool options in one compact range with proven service – is highly valued by companies seeking time-saving choice, consistency of quality and traceability of outcomes," says Marsh.

Mining and transport

Fixed plant and equipment, track maintenance, undercarriage maintenance, wheel and suspension maintenance, shovel maintenance, trays, pins, as well as flotation cells, mill liners, process equipment including screens, crushers, stackers, reclaimer, diesel engines, pumps, railway tracks, pinions, diffs

Power generation and construction/infrastructure projects

Including hydro, fossil, wind, solar array positioning and turbine bolts, foundation bolts, bearing bolts, turbine casings, blades, and tower segments including crane tower

Oil and gas, metal industry, water, waste and processing equipment

Including pipe flanges, valves, heat exchangers, man-way covers, blow out preventer (BOP), boilers, Christmas trees, pressure vessels, offshore plant and infrastructure

Manufacturing, fabrication and process

Including steel mills, paper mills, heavy manufacturing and process plants, pumps, furnaces, bearings, gat valves, rollers, crankshafts and couplings, boilers, condensers, compressors, heaters

Features and benefits of Enerpac pneumatic torque wrenches include:

  • Ergonomic design with weight-distributing handle and simple shape providing easy handing for repetitive tasks while eliminating trap points for fingers and impact hazards with older, imprecise manual tightening methods
  • Simple operation – just set the air pressure and pull the trigger. Continuous rotation means no time is needed to re-stroke tools, saving time.
  • Low-vibration design to reduce fatigue and the risk of vibration-related injuries, particularly hand (HAV) hazard. Planetary gearbox design eliminates hammer action.
  • Low- noise air motor (under 85 dba) for quiet, consistent performance for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Common to all models, the proven air motor means fewer parts need to be carried by service centres.
  • High commonality of drive and reaction arm options for lower inventory and speedier maintenance
  • Convenience features including easily accessible tightening/loosening switch and standard 3m hose and standard reaction arm, complemented by a wide assortment of optional custom arms and accessories
  • Availability with or without standard easily portable filter/regulator/lubricators to enhance reliability and durability under demanding service conditions

Enerpac offers a complete range of bolting tools including new UltraSlim hydraulic torque wrenches for difficult access applications and the widely used Enerpac S series square drive and W series hydraulic cassettes.