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Engineering Capabilities

Supplier: Air Drill

Airdrill uses the latest engineering and drafting technologies.

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From AutoCad drafting to the latest "Solidworks 3D" software, Airdrill has the expertise to design and manufacture "real" working models of any item imaginable.

Our highly trained Engineers and Draftsman provide customers with state of the art service and comfort in knowing that all products have been engineered correctly.

The "Solidworks" modeling package used at Airdrill provides significant benefits over conventional drafting packages.

These benefits include:

Parts can be viewed as actual 3D objects and viewed from any angle or can be seen sectional and includes an anti-clash safe guard process is faster than conventional AutoCad changes made to an item automatically updates other views at the same time.

One of the major advantages is that Airdrill can use the models to produce actual scaled to size physical models of the item. Models can be emailed to clients for approval (files are self executable) and these models can be manipulated by the client, measured, sectioned, marked up with comments and emailed back to us to make the relevant changes. File sizes can be reduced by downloading the viewer that Airdrill provides free of charge.