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Engineering Software - PUMP-FLO 2004

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With PUMP-FLO you can be sure that the desired pump meets your system's requirements for optimum efficiency, minimising maintenance and pumping costs.

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With PUMP-FLO you enter the design point (the design point can be calculated in PIPE-FLO), then select a manufacturer's supplied Electronic Pump Catalog..

Once the manufacturer's catalog is open, PUMP-FLO displays the pump types and speeds available. After entering your selection criteria, the program searches the Electronic Pump Catalog and displays a list of pumps meeting your needs.

The pump selection list can be sorted by pump size, efficiency, NPSHr, and maximum power draw to simplify your comparison.

Evaluate pump operation

PUMP-FLO displays the pump curve showing the pump head, efficiency, horsepower, and NPSHr as a function of flow rate. You can inquire from the curve to determine the pump's operation for a given flow rate or head value. The system resistance curve can also be displayed on the pump curve.

Analyse pump operation

PUMP-FLO displays the pump curve for multiple pumps running in either series or parallel operation. PUMP-FLO also calculates the pump's operating cost using both fixed and variable speed pump drives.

This aids in determining if there is economic justification for a variable speed drive. The program automatically makes viscosity corrections to the pump curve when needed.

All stages of the selection process are documented with printed reports. PUMP-FLO prints curves in a data sheet format as well as a full page pump curve.


  • Select pumps from manufacturers' catalogs that meet a design point of Total Dynamic Head and flow rate.
  • Evaluate the pump curve which shows head, efficiency, horsepower, and NPSHr as a function of flow rate.
  • Analyse multiple pump operation, calculate annual operating cost and correct the pump curve for viscous fluid operation.