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Engineering Tool ELOP II

Supplier: Hima

ELOP II is the efficient engineering tool for the complete life-cycle of H41q/H51q systems.

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Engineering Tool ELOP II

ELOP II guarantees trouble-free planning and configuration of hardware and communication and makes programming, diagnosis and documentation easy. Intelligent features save time and costs when engineering the systems, and help avoid operational errors.

ELOP II - the Highlights

  • IEC 61131-3-compliant
  • Intuitive, fully graphical programming using drag&drop.
  • Safe operation without any special hardware or safety knowledge.
  • Utilises all of the functions and variable types of the IEC 61131-3 standard for safety-related programs.
  • Easy-to-follow programming using Function Block Diagrams (FBD) and Sequential Function Charts (SFC).
  • Switches languages between English and German.
  • Offline simulation of all functions without hardware being connected up.
  • Hyperlinks to all variables.
  • Analyse and check logic using Power Flow during operation.
  • Force all I/Os with monitoring.
  • Unlimited changes to logic and variables during operation.
  • Code-comparisons for secure proof of changes.
  • Programmed via Ethernet.
  • Automatic document production with Revisions Management.
  • Windows 2000/XP-compatible.

Easy, flexible programming

Programming is done intuitively using drag&drop. Because programming is via Ethernet, a separate programming bus is not needed and remote maintenance concepts are made possible. And because all of the functions and variable types of IEC 61131-3 are used, the logic can be defined flexibly. FBD programming makes frequently performed functions quicker and easier to check when creating your own block libraries; existing libraries can be used for new projects.

Efficient configuration

Thanks to offline simulation, the program can be tested at an early stage, thus reducing the time to commissioning. Hyperlinks to all variables make checking the correct use of variables quick, and also speed up project planning and troubleshooting.

Reliable, efficient diagnosis

Analysing and checking the logic during operation makes checking the signal flow in the current logic quicker. Forcing the I/Os saves commissioning time and avoids shut-downs during maintenance. Logic and variables can undergo unlimited modification without shutting down the system.

Safe documentation

Automatic document generation helps you to fulfil documentation requirements easily. Code comparison provides secure proof of changes, and minimises documentation and approval work whenever an approved program is modified.