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Enterprise software refers to a collection of computer programs that aims at improving the overall productivity and efficiency of an organisation or an enterprise. Enterprise software contains common business applications, modelling tools to fit applications into the existing operation system, as well as development tools for building applications that cater for the specific needs of an organisation.

Enterprise software provides both function-specific applications (such as accounting, finance, point-of-sale, human resources, customer relationship management and supply chain) as well as industry-specific computer applications (such as manufacturing, industrial, hotel, retail, finance and healthcare).

Like most business software, enterprise software allows multiple users from different business units who are connected to a computer network to simultaneously make use of all the business applications they may require during different operation processes, such as accounting, procurement, customer services, sales and production planning. All data is centrally stored in one database to eliminate the need to re-enter information and allow for easy access, retrieval and updating. 

Enterprise software can be obtained from independent enterprise software developers. Experienced software engineers from enterprise software developers help clients design and implement the enterprise software tailored for the specific needs of the organisation. 

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