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EnviroAg Services Pty Ltd

EnviroAg is a consulting and service provider that specialises in conservation and land management. We apply science and educated knowledge to our consultancies to service the present and maintain production and conservation into the future.

Our aims include education of the wider community and improvement in sustainable production and preservation of the Australian environment.

The company has been operating out of Bungendore in the Southern Tablelands near Canberra for 10 years with a primary focus on weed and vertebrate pest control and vegetation management.

EnviroAg goes beyond chemical use and incorporates physical, and management strategies to control pest species. Common methods that we use include grazing/pasture management, reforesting and physical removal such as bulldozing, chainsaws etc. EnviroAg specialises in work in sensitive areas.

EnviroAg strives to lead the field in conservation and land management.

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