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Environmental Assessments | Home and Office

Supplier: Porta Environmental

Porta Environmental does the typical structure assessments, checking your power; gas and water usage and recommending improvements.

Price Guide: POA

We also do a lot more than the typical clipboard consultant.

We test all your gas appliances - including your hot water service, ovens, heaters and gas meters - with special gas detection equipment for leaks and gas emissions inside the house.

We measure all rooms for poisonous/toxic Carbon Monoxide gas which you can't see or smell.

We measure hot surface temperatures, like ovens and heaters, so you know if you need to take precautions around small children.

We test for cold air leaks inside the home or office, and also measure lighting both inside and outside. So if you are having problems with lawn or gardens, we can tell you how much light they are getting.

We measure the energy use of all your major appliances with special meters, rather than just checking what they should be from Star ratings, so you know which appliances are costing you the most.