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Environmental Assessments | Land Capability Assessment

Supplier: Porta Environmental

A Land Capability Assessment for on-site domestic waste-water management, is a comprehensive report that assesses for a particular site, the suitability and sustainability of an on-site waste water system.

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The LCA should take into account a range of specific environmental features relative to the site and should give a clear indication of what the site is capable of sustaining. A detailed LCA report needs to be produced with all relevant environmental analysis contained. It should include soil typing and permeability testing and calculations for maintaining water balance with recommendations for the most appropriate type of onsite waste water treatment system.

When is a Land Capability Assessment required?
EPA Publication 746.1 states that:
"For all proposed unsewered residential developments, a comprehensive land assessment should be undertaken prior to residential development proceeding. The overall objective of the land assessment process described in this bulletin is two-fold:
To assess the capability of the site to sustainably manage wastewater within allotment boundaries; and
To identify a management program that should be put in place to minimise the health and environmental impacts of on-site wastewater management."

How will I know if a Land Capability Assessment is required?

Your Council will tell you if and when you require an LCA. In some cases if you are redeveloping a site, an LCA will be required to take into account any changes.


What are the differences between Victoria and NSW legislation?
Victoria and NSW have slightly different rules that have the same desired outcome, to protect the health of you and others and to protect the environment from onsite wastewater mismanagement. Depending on where you live and the specific details your local council requires, reports can vary slightly.

Why choose Porta Environmental?

Damien Porta is the principle consultant for Porta Environmental. He has an undergraduate degree and post graduate degrees in environmental science. He has worked as a Water Quality Specialist for JMS for a number of years, and has worked with many of the water authorities and statutory bodies in both Victoria and NSW.
Damien has broad environmental experience and advanced technical skills in environmental instrumentation and training. He has received FTIR and NIR spectroscopy training in Sweden and in the Netherlands, and has worked as a representative of Isco, YSI, and Licor's Australian distributor.

Apart from all that, why should I choice Porta Environmental?

Porta Environmental is an ethical and client focused organisation. A good outcome for you, your Council and the environment is a good outcome for Porta Environmental. Porta Environmental takes the time to meet its cliental, whenever possible onsite in order to determine the best and most appropriate site for your wastewater system. Porta Environmental will discuss in detail with your local council what they require in the LCA application.

Can the Local Council deem a site to be unsuitable?
The state government legislation for Victoria and NSW is designed to protect the general health and welling being of its home/land owners, your neighbours, the general public and the environment.
Some sites are just not suitable for onsite waste water disposal. A Land Capability Assessment is designed to test the site's suitability. The more comprehensive your LCA report the better the chances of finding a suitable solution for a difficult site. The sooner the site is LCA assessed the better. Most new sub-divisions should have a LCA done. Your Council has the final say on approving all LCA applications.