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Environmental Impact Reduction

Supplier: Porta Environmental

Environmental impact reduction is often the main goal for businesses or households who want to improve the environment for them and others in the community.

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This can be achieved by making small and large changes to the way they do business or carry out their day to day lives.

Porta Environmental can assess your business or household and let you know what your current environmental impact and tailor changes that will reduce your environmental impact.

Good examples for your business:

  • Change your power provider or service to recognised green power for the office.
  • Have windows in the office that can be opened and closed to help control air quality and temperature.
  • Provide a suitable lunch/break area, which preferably has an outside component, not just for smoking.

Good examples for your home:

  • Get a water tank, any size, the bigger the better.
  • Mulch your lawn cutting straight onto the lawn don't put them in the bin.
  • When shopping, buy local/Australian products whenever possible.