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Environmental Testing

Supplier: Austest Laboratories

Austest provides various types of environmental testing.

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Testing covers energy efficiency, temperature cycling, vibration and shock, humidity testing and IP testing for the prevention of water and dust to AS/NZS 60529 and the European and International equivalents.

IP (Ingress Protection) numerals explained in basic terms, please refer to the standard for specifics:

IP First Numeral - Protection from solid objects/dust, IP

  • IP0X - No protection
  • IP1X - Protection against solid objects > 50 mm
  • IP2X - Protection against solid objects > 12 mm
  • IP3X - Protection against solid objects > 2.5 mm
  • IP4X - Protection against solid objects > 1 mm
  • IP5X - Protection against dust (limited ingress allowed, no harmful deposit).
  • IP6X - Fully protected from dust (dust tight).

IP Second numeral - Protection from moisture/liquids

  • IPX0 - No protection.
  • IPX1 - Protection from vertically dripping water
  • IPX2 - Protection from sprays/dripping of water up to 15o from vertical.
  • IPX3 - Protection from spraying water up to 60o from vertical.
  • IPX4 - Protection from spraying water (all directions) - limited ingress OK provided no hazard.
  • IPX5 - Protection from low pressure jets of water (all directions) - limited ingress OK provided no hazard.
  • IPX6 - Protection against powerful jets of water, limited ingress OK provided no hazard
  • IPX7 - Protection from temporary immersion
  • IPX8 - Protection from continuous immersion