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Environmentally Friendly Waterproofing | Enviro Clad

Supplier: Enviro Systems

Enviro Clad is a water-borne single pack acrylic waterproofing membrane with excellent UV, water and alkaline resistance.

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Enviro Clad also demonstrates good resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion. The significant anti-mould ingredient gives long lasting protection to exterior walls from fungus and mould attack.

Enviro Clad is applied by brush, roller or spray, forming a highly elastic coating with excellent flexibility and colour stability.


  • Very low VOC
  • Chloride and CO2 resistant
  • Water based
  • UV resistant
  • Flexible
  • Vapour permeable
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile
  • Mould resistant
  • Single pack 

Physical properties:

  • Colour Assorted
  • Finish Matt
  • Volume Solids ˜45%
  • Theoretical spreading rate 3.0m²/L (at dft 150 microns)
  • Flash point N/A
  • Accelerated weathering 1000 cycles pass (ASTM G53-88)
  • Mould resistant passed (BS 3900:G6)
  • Elongation >200%
  • Carbon dioxide diffusion resistance equivalent air thickness ≥250m
  • Water vapour diffusion resistance SD = 1.5m
  • Water permeability (highest order) (AST E514)
  • Enviro Clad is unaffected by a range of mild acids, alkalines, and is resistant to bio-deterioration SG 1.34.
  • Application method brush/roller airless spray
  • Thinner (max./vol.) not recommended fresh water (10%)
  • Cleaning of tools with fresh water
  • Indicated film thickness, dry: 150 microns
  • Indicated film thickness, wet: 333 microns
  • Dry to touch 1.0 hours (15?C) 30 minutes (25?C) 15 minutes (35?C)
  • Min. over coating time 4.0 hours (15?C) 2.0 hours (25?C) 1.0 hours (35?C)

Application directions:

Instruction for use

Enviro Clad is a one-component material and is ready for use. However, stirring up the material with a mechanical mixer is recommended in order to avoid any potential material sedimentation. Apply Enviro Clad by brush, plain/texture roller or airless spray to achieve the required dry film thickness. The application of two coats of Enviro Clad is recommended. Different colours may be used for each coat of Enviro Clad to ensure adequate film build and facilitate coverage. Do not apply any materials during damp or rainy conditions or where there is likelihood of rain.

Surface preparation

The surface should be stable, firm, dry and free of dust, sand, loose old paint, laitance, dirt, grease and oil. New concrete surfaces should be allowed to dry for 28 days. Surface pH value shall be below 10. It is recommended to apply Enviro Prime WB or Enviro Prime SB prior to application of Envrio Clad.

Estimating data (theoretical)

Enviro Clad will cover approximately 3m² per litre per coat


Use only where application and drying can proceed at temperature above 5?C, preferably above 10?C. Drying data given is on the assumption that proper ventilation is provided.


15 litre and 4 litre plastic pails.

Shelf life

Enviro Clad has a shelf life of 1 year if kept in sealed containers in dry and cool condition. If stored in high temperature and high humidity locations the shelf life may be reduced.

Safety advice

Handle with care. Before and during use, observe all safety labels on packaging and paint containers, consult Manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheets and follow all local or national safety regulations. Harmful or fatal if swallowed: immediately seek medical assistance if swallowed. Avoid inhalation of possible vapours or paint mist, as well as paint contact with skin and eyes. Apply only in well ventilated areas and ensure that adequate forced ventilation exists when applying paint in confined spaces or when air stagnant.