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Equipment Fleet Management for Ground Support & Air-Ground Equipment

Supplier: Zebra Technologies

Optimize Your Ground Support Equipment Fleet Operations and Lower Capital Expenditures

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You face tremendous pressure to reduce costs and mitigate security risks while improving equipment ground support and air-ground fleet efficiency and management. The Aviation industry is responding to these challenges with the development of wireless, GPS-enabled telemetry systems that provide real-time positioning, status, and usage data to dispatchers.

The window through which dispatchers can figuratively look outside and gain insight into the location and work status of their ground support and air-ground equipment is through solutions that include electronic visualization systems working together with wireless telemetry devices, such as Zebra's Equipment Fleet Management (EFM) solution.

By combing ground equipment with telemetry systems, the Equipment Fleet Management solution captures real-time data directly from your ground support equipment, enabling you to not only track the current ground support equipment position, but also proactively monitor ground support equipment status and utilization, as well as determine vehicle operator authorizations on-site and beyond.

As a result, unnecessary capital purchases can be reduced or removed by utilizing unused or low efficiency ground support equipment. Monitoring key vehicle information ensures vehicles operate to full efficiency and any impeding issue is highlighted and resolved prior to failure. Likewise operator discipline and safety is improved, thus preventing unauthorized use and possible abuse.

With the modular approach of our Equipment Fleet Management solution you can address the business requirements for real-time equipment visibility, operations, maintenance, safety and security through:

  • Status and location monitoring – Allow the dispatch operator to select ground support equipment based on the unit's operation (work mode, available, out of service, stand-by, drive mode), and engine statuses (off, running un/necessarily).
  • Maintenance forecasting and condition monitoring – Calculate automatically the estimated due date for the next preventive maintenance job inspection or any other planned workshop activity. Obtain error signals from the telemetry device and convert them into meaningful alerts and notifications for your maintenance and operations teams.
  • Access control – Reduce driver accidents and improve driver accountability by prohibiting unauthorized access to ground support equipment and other mobile equipment. Enable operators to control and assign which drivers have access to which ground support equipment.
  • Geofencing – Set-up special zones where a GEO or an operator is not allowed to enter.
  • Safety and security audit – Make your safety preparation as thorough as possible with a detailed safety checklist for ground support equipment safety. Your checklist will help you to develop a systematic plan for the maintenance your business requires operating safely.
  • Battery and fluid monitoring – Optimize the processes related to fluids of all kinds in your ground support equipment fleet's tanks. Whether fuel, de-icing chemicals or fresh/waste water, unnecessary events to fill (or empty) the tanks may be reduced by up to 50+%.
  • Reports and key performance indicators – Empower users throughout your organization to create and access a diverse array of tabular and graphical business reports that include KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), historical event analysis, billing relevant data, and incident reporting.
  • Third party system integration – Enable the exchange of data with other enterprise systems such as Resource Management Systems, Flight Information Systems, Maintenance Systems.

In addition, our Equipment Fleet Management solution can also be used for operation improvements, such as billing. Knowing the status and location of your ground support equipment allows you to improve your billing processes and successfully fulfill your service level agreements (SLA). With access to accurate operational data you can provide documented proof of ground support equipment activities, enabling you to generate an accurate invoice.