Equipment for any type of lifting & transport

Supplier: Horne Enterprises
12 May, 2010

At Horne Enterprises, we have all the equipment required to achieve any type of lift and transport.

All trucks and trailers have Air Ride Suspension

Specialised Equipment Available

  • Kenworth T480 Crane Truck with PM 25003 Crane
    • (25 tonne metre) With lifting capacity of 6400 kgs @3.8 metres to 2500 kgs @9.0 metres. Tray size 6.2m x 2.5m. Carrying Capacity of 10 tonnes.
  • Kenworth K104 Prime Mover & Semi Float
    • Float: Bottom Deck 2.5m wide x 8.5m long with bi-fold ramps 20ft container twist locks, 31 tonne load capacity.
  • Kenworth K104 Prime Mover & Drop Deck Semi Tautliner
    • Tautliner: Top deck 2.5m wide x 3.8m long x 2.75m high. Bottom deck 2.5m wide x 9.6m long x 3.13m high. Gates and rear doors.
  • DAF Prime Mover & Drop Deck Semi Trailer
    • Drop Deck: Top Deck 2.5m wide x 3.9m long. Bottom Deck 2.5m wide x 9.7m long Hydraulic Ramps, 2 x 20ft, 1 x 40ft container twist locks, 24 tonne load capacity.
  • Holden Rodeo Dropside Ute
    • 1.0 Tonne Capacity Pilot Car.
  • Yale Forklift
    • 2.5 Tonne capacity triple stage container mast, slippers and hook. Overall height of only 2050mm and 1200mm wide.
  • Baoli Forklift
    • 3.5 tonne capacity triple stage container mast, slippers and hook. Height of only 2150mm high and 1250mm wide.
  • Hyster Forklift
    • 8 Tonne capacity, 2.4 metre lift.
  • Mitsubishi Forklift
    • 7 Tonne capacity, container mast and jib attachment. Overall height of only 2270mm and 1970mm wide.

Sensitive Freight Movers

  • DAF LF55
    • 6.4 metre enclosed Pantech 8 Tonne capacity with 2.5 tonne hydraulic taligate loader.
  • UD MK235
    • 6.4 metre enclosed Pantech 6 Tonne capacity with 1.5 tonne hydraulic taligate loader.
  • Cage
    • Machinery lifting cage with 14 tonne capacity.
  • Machinery Skate
    • Low profile, various sizes.
  • Pallet Jacks
    • Various sizes. Fully equipped with soft slings, lifting chairs, spreader bars, lifting shackles, etc. for all types of fragile lifting work. Extensive array of specialised gear for varying applications.

Traffic Management

Services include:

  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Council Permits
  • Vic Roads Permits
  • Traffic Controllers
  • Consultation with: Councils, VicRoads, Trams, Taxis and Buses