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Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager

Supplier: Shockwatch

Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager™: Reliable Data for More Efficient Operations

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The Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager™ accurately monitors equipment usage and wirelessly transmits real-time data to a management software program. Wireless transmission eliminates the need for manual retrieval of usage readings, enabling more effective and efficient management of fleet equipment.

All equipment requires some type of maintenance — and service needs are usually determined by hours of use. Preventative maintenance is critical to extending the life of equipment. The Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager monitors the real-time usage data necessary for timely service and maintenance, allowing organizations to lower repair and replacement costs — leading to greater equipment performance and lifecycles.

The Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager's management software allows the user to view current fleet information, and to set specific operational run-time flags. When these flags elapse, the Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager sends e-mails to the appropriate personnel.

The Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager is designed to manage several separate user-selected inputs simultaneously, including Key Switch Time, Hydraulic Motor Time, and Drive Motor Time.

Features Designed for Maximum Performance

Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager features:

  • Equipment usage/hourmeter readings and transmittal of real-time data via 802.11b/g wireless transmission
  • Up to four active user-selectable inputs
  • Monitoring of multiple functions on the same piece of equipment (ex. keyswitch time, hydraulic motor time, and drive motor time)
  • Monitoring and reporting of low battery voltage
  • Programmable trigger points for automatic alarms and alerts
  • Proprietary firmware makes the unit immune to viruses and hacking
  • Easy integration with existing maintenance software packages
  • E-mail notification when user-specified run-time thresholds have elapsed
  • User-friendly, Java-based software with client, server, and Internet capabilities
  • UL rating — Type E, EE, GS, LP, LPS, D, and DS

Innovative Software for Reliable Data Collection & Transmission

At the heart of this ShockWatch innovation is its proprietary software package. The Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager software serves as a full network application to monitor multiple pieces of equipment.

It allows you to remotely manage the operation of your fleet equipment and gives you the flexibility to analyse equipment usage data through reports, or export to other applications for further analysis. E-mail notifications can be sent when equipment run-time thresholds are exceeded. Integration with leading maintenance software packages is possible.

  • Runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista Business or Enterprise (from ShockMate Ver 2.3.2)
  • Easy to install, use, and train

Benefits for a More Profitable Business

Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager:

  • Can be used on any piece of equipment requiring maintenance
  • Ensures more timely maintenance with a schedule based on actual run hours, rather than calendar days
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs for a wide range of equipment
  • Allows accurate remote management of real-time equipment utilization data
  • Improves maintenance scheduling and technician travel efficiency
  • Improves accuracy of usage data by eliminating human error
  • Assists in fleet rotation management
  • Allows for more up-to-date and accurate cost-per-run-hour figures
  • Provides immediate notification to appropriate personnel when pre-set usage levels are exceeded
  • Allows for simultaneous management of several separate user-selected inputs
  • Saves money by basing rental and/or lease charges on actual usage rather than calendar day

Equipment Usage Management - ShockWatch UsageManager Applications:

  • Forklifts/material handling equipment
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Offshore drilling equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • People-moving equipment
  • Earth-moving equipment
  • Other facility assets
  • And much more

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