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ESO Australia Pty Ltd

As engineers ourselves, we were continually frustrated by how difficult it was to quickly and easily source top quality engineering services, suppliers, equipment or employees for the industry in which we were working. Searching the internet was frustrating because there were clearly a huge number of engineering suppliers out there, but trying to match the right supplier with the right experience and product range was extremely difficult. Trying to source a supplier close to you was often impossible. The other thing that we found frustrating and annoying was the extent of misleading and irrelevant advertising on sites and this was something we wanted to avoid at all costs. We also noticed that there was no where to sell used second hand equipment cost effectively, and no where for engineers to communicate with each other and help each other out.

In short, there was no integrated engineering website in Australia which met the needs of an engineer. So we decided to build the ultimate engineering site – somewhere where all engineers could find exactly what they want - quickly, easily and without being distracted by irrelevant advertising!

Here at Engineering Services Online we believe that the internet has now expanded to a point where the sheer volume of information makes it more and more difficult to find the specialised information that engineers require. The quality of search results on the internet today is also greatly influenced by advertising. This typically means that it is not the best search result presented at the top of the page, but rather the company which has paid the most in advertising. In our opinion, this means that the quality of the results is biased.

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