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ETS Spraying Technology

Supplier: Australian Agricultural Machinery
21 November, 2012

The ETS system was invented by Jetstream over 25 years ago.

The Electric Twin Sprayline (ETS) is a major advance in spraying, the principle of the ETS is for greater chemical efficiency through increased overlap and correct droplet size application.

This system gives six times overlap coverage as opposed to double overlap of other booms. This means chemical efficacy is increased by 30% immediately. A secondary advantage is that you are able to double your spraying speed range while remaining in the same pressure range giving spraying speeds of up to 42km/hr.

How does the ETS works?

All standard Jetstream boomsprays have a sprayline with a 508mm spacing between nozzles. How an ETS boom is set up is, for example, on an 18.3 metre (60ft) boom there is thirty six nozzles with a 120° fan angle providing nearly triple overlap coverage over the crop. When an Electric Twin Sprayline is added the second sprayline is placed in front of the number one sprayline. There are thirty five nozzles on the number two sprayline, these being offset 254mm from the nozzles on the number one sprayline.

This means that when the twin sprayline is activated the sprayer will provide six times overlap coverage and allow the machine to spray chemical with a far greater efficiency than ever before.

The sprayer is able to do this without affecting the accuracy of the machine by delaying the second sprayline from being supplied with chemical until the flow rate and pressure is able to sustain both spraylines. This is controlled by the twin sprayline control box, which is mounted on the rear chassis crossmember or by a 3rd party computer controller.

This box/computer registers the flow rate and pressure of the number one sprayline. When it reaches sufficient flow rate (in the dark green on the gauge), the control solenoid will open and allow the excess pressure and flow rate to fill the twin sprayline.

The pressure will drop to just under 200 kPa. Since the operating pressure in the machine is up to 400 kPa, (at the top end of the green scale on the gauge), the operator is now able to increase speed while applying six times overlap coverage. This system maximises nozzle overlap and creates a swirling action. As this creates a micro vacuum behind the boom, it draws chemical mixture beneath the leaf of the plant, providing maximum surface contact for maximum kill.

When the operator slows down, flow rate and pressure will drop, deactivating the number two sprayline. The number one sprayline pressure will again jump up to about 300 kPa and once again giving triple overlap coverage with our 120 degree nozzles. When using the E.T.S. system the application rate accuracy is maintained through the total speed range. This eliminates any drop off in nozzle fan angle (maintaining ideal droplet spectrums)

The E.T.S. system obtains maximum chemical efficiency.