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Eurobend Australia

Eurobend Australia | Bending machines and tooling

Eurobend Australia

With more than a decade of proven capability and systematic product development in the field of tube manipulation EUROBEND AUSTRALIA have created a range of standard machines which meet the most exacting requirements of an ever increasing number of customers.

Current machines are being supplied with the latest EBV6 Control which offers true on-screen simulation of an entire bend program demonstrating its executability. The system is also able to output a full design solid drawing of a part.

EUROBEND AUSTRALIA is working towards ISO 9000 and pursues a policy of constant improvement which ensures that its machines and tooling is always extending the boundaries of performance, productivity and reliability, good value for money being a fundamental principle. EUROBEND'S latest developments include ultra efficient all electric machines which offer exceptional all round advantages in reduced cycle times, elimination of time wasting re-datuming requirements as well as improvements in maintaining accuracy and repeatability.

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EUROBEND AUSTRALIA's success has been significant in the complex bending and endforming of thin wall tubes in specialist materials, with diameters from 4mm typically in the automotive and aerospace industries, to 300mm pipes common in petrochemicals and shipbuilding. Recent applications include large radii roll forming combined with tight radii draw bending in complex section.

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