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Everyone Has Heard of SEO?

Supplier: Search Digital
26 August, 2009

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a modern answer to older methods of advertising. In the past, people relied on radio, magazines, television, and newspapers to get their names or businesses out there. With the Internet, people everywhere are clamoring for traffic, which is usually just another way of saying "money."

The reason traffic equals money is because, when people visit your website, they click on advertisements, buy your product or service, or buy a product or service of your affiliates (who then give you a commission).

So, with SEO being so important for your website's success and the thickness of your wallet, it's also important to thoroughly understand how it works. This is a very broad topic that could fill several large books, but there are a few general areas you can focus on to dramatically improve your page ranking on the search engine results pages.

Multiple Ways to Get a Web Page Ranked...
First of all, you can try having content on your website with certain keywords and key phrases that people who are looking for your product or service might type in. For example, if you are selling toy cars, you would try to include various pages on your website that repeat the phrase "toy cars" enough times that a search engine would notice, but not consider it to be spam. This is a delicate balance, and it takes time and research to figure out the right amount.

Another way is by article marketing. With article marketing, your SEO strategy involves using links in article depositories to be counted as incoming links to your website. When people find your articles there, they might want to learn more about the author and check out your website. However, there's another advantage to incoming links, and that is search engine rankings.

It's a relatively simple concept: Search engines reward websites that have a lot of incoming links because those links show that people who are interested in certain keywords or key phrases appreciate that particular website. Going back to the "toy cars" example, if you had a number of professional toy companies linking to your website because of how good your articles on toy cars are, you have proven that your content has value, and search engines will respond accordingly.