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EVO31 front lift garbage truck launched to AUS market

Supplier: Wastech Engineering
02 December, 2009

Wastech Engineering has launched its new Front Lift Garbage Truck and its clients are already reaping the rewards of reduced tare weights and superior strength.

The collection of waste every day of the year can take its toll on truck and trailer bodies; however City of Stonnington, which has purchased a 60m3 Clearline Transfer trailer, and City Wide Support Services which has purchased the new EVO31 Front Lift, have both found this task to be no match for their new Hardox compaction bodies which have shown no indication of wear since being put to work.

"Hardox was used predominantly to get the lighter tare weight so that we can carry a bit more volume," says Terry Prendergast of City Wide Support Services.

"It is operating well. There is no scarring on the body at all and a fair bit of waste has gone through it. You look at other trucks and they've all got dents from hard waste that has been pushed through them. I’m impressed with the steel, it is just so solid."

It has now been out in the field for four weeks and is the first front lift Wastech has built using Hardox. Wastech CEO, Neil Bone says that it has come in at 1.2 tonne lighter than any of its competitors.

He says, "City Wide have been packing consistent ten and eleven tonne loads three times a day for the past two weeks. The strength of the Hardox steel plate has allowed us to form the wall sheets using single plates of steel meaning no joins or welds down the sides of the body. This feature combined with clever positioning of lights, valves and hyd. hoses has helped create a smooth clean finish which impressed the waste industry at a recent Volvo truck show in Melbourne."

As well, City Wide Support Services has also purchased a similar 60 cubic metre transfer trailer from Wastech which is nearing completion. This is the first unit of its type built by Wastech with a Hardox body and combination Weldox 700 and Domex 700 chassis.

Neil explains, "We sat down with our chassis manufacturer and introduced to them to SSAB. We figured that if we could remove that much weight from the body, then surely we could reduce it even further by using Domex and Weldox in the sub-frame. They've been able to pull an additional 300kg out of the chassis."

He adds, "One of the benefits of using Swedish Steel is that they provide the service of assisting us to evaluate current build designs and steel thicknesses and recommend what they believe they can safely reduce the thickness down to when using Hardox or Domex steels.

"We did some preliminary calculations on weight savings we could achieve very quickly said that this is definitely worth looking at. To date in all cases where we have redesigned our products using Hardox or Domex high tensile steels we have achieved substantial weight reductions combined with increased structural integrity and vastly superior wear resistance.

“The other benefit of these high tensile steels is that generally you can reduce the thickness of the steels you use to form structural components, like the blade channels and body runners, instead of fabricating them, which reduces weight as well as the labour involved in the fabrication of our waste compaction bodies.

"We're serious about putting high quality steel into our bodies so we can give our customers the strongest, lightest and most durable products. EVO31 will last the distance in it’s tough working environment."