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Exhaust Insulation

Supplier: Setco Australia

SETCO Australia supplies customers with a high-temperature exhaust insulation.

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The insulation was designed to meet the specific insulation needs of the mining, marine, oilfield and defence industries.

Our customer requirements established the basis for developing an insulation process that could insulate engine components such as exhaust manifolds, exhaust tubes, turbo chargers and other high temperature engine components whilst minimising safety hazards.

SETCO Hi-Temp Exhaust Insulation is the best solution available for your temperature critical engine and exhaust problems. 
Initial design requirements were:

  • The insulation must be resistant to all types of fuels and be non-flammable.
  • Withstand any harsh environment that an engine can be placed in.
  • Be lightweight and not add more than one inch to the part size.
  • With 650º C gas passing through the part, the outer skin could not exceed 260º C.

SETCO Hi-Temp Insulation meets or exceeds all of the above requirements. It uses a silica based insulation with a hard and durable glass fibre outer shell.

Complex shapes are no problem and can be easily covered using our insulation process.

Why use this product?

  • Reduces surface temperature.
  • Eliminates water-jacketed components.
  • Insulated components can be easily cleaned.
  • Lowers the ambient temperature in the engine compartment.
  • The insulation is light yet durable with a tough external covering.
  • Reduces the problem of heat deterioration to electronic and electrical components.
  • It can be constructed to add less than 10mm to the part size in limited space applications.
  • Reduced condensation due to slower exhaust cool down will add to the life of the tubes.
  • The insulated exhaust components can be touched almost immediately after engine shut down.
  • Exhaust velocity is maintained which increases the exhaust scavenging effect resulting in increased horsepower.
  • Insulated exhaust manifolds for diesel engines supply more heat to the turbo charger resulting in increased power output.
  • The insulation does not absorb or wick up oils or fuels as do old fashioned blankets that act like a sponge and are a known safety hazard.