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Expanding structural resins re-level stacker-reclaimer rail

Supplier: Mainmark
13 April, 2012

Recently at one of Rio-Tinto's iron ore mines in the Pilbara, a stacker-reclaimer rail began to sink, and that prevented access to a major part of the huge ore stock-pile.

Called in by the mine engineers, the Uretek Ground Engineering company was able to re-support the rail and raise it back to correct levels by injecting their unique expanding resins beneath the rail footings.

These resins are engineered to expand together upon injection into ground below footings. Enormous, but controllable pressure is created; over 1,000 tonnes per square metre when necessary.

The rail footings had lost support in five sections, totaling 150 metres. However Uretek’s new technology was able to correct the rail footing support in just five shifts, restoring access to the ore stock.

Uretek have corrected and re-supported a number of crane rails recently. They have also re-levelled several conveyer belt systems and conveyer counter-weight towers in the Pilbara the Hunter Valley and in the area south of Perth.

In one case their expanding structural resins had to be injected to more than 14 metres below the ground because the structure being corrected was so massive.

Not only do Uretek save much down-time and replacement expense, their injected resins present no environmental problems as they are completely inert and will not leach into ground water.

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