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Extraction & Recovery of Uranium from Leach & Pulps

Supplier: Clean TeQ Limited

Uranium can be leached from ore and recovered in a variety of ionic forms. Uranium can be recovered directly from the clarified leach solution or from the leached pulp as an anionic complex.


The uranium anionic complex can be absorbed from the leach solution by anionic resins. Clean-iX® R-301, R-304, R-401 and R-503 are specifically designed and manufactured resins to be able to extract uranium from in-situ leach, clarified or filtered CCD leach or directly from pulps.

Clean TeQ R-301 and R-304 resins are specially designed to provide:

  • high loading capacity for uranium anionic complex in low free acid environments
  • high loading capacity for uranium in carbonate leach situations

Clean TeQ R-401 and R-503 resins are specially designed to provide:

  • high loading capacity for uranium anionic complex in high free acid environments

All Clean TeQ resins provide:

  • exceptional hydromechanical strength
  • optimum particle size

Clean-iX® Uranium technology provides the best combination of resin and process for your uranium extraction and recovery project.

Clean-IX® Uranium Technology

Clean-iX® Uranium cRIP

  • High Selectivity for Uranium
  • Continuous Resin Loading and Stripping
  • Compact Contact Tank Size
  • High Level of Automation
  • High Pregnant Liquor Tenors
  • Low Resin Inventory
  • Low Resin Attrition
  • High Purity Product

Clean-iX® Uranium cLX

  • Continuous Resin Loading & Stripping
  • High Pregnant Liquor Tenor
  • Low Resin Inventory
  • High Purity Product
  • Non-Clogging Column Technology
  • High Level of Automation

Clean-iX® Uranium provides the best capital, operating and recovery parameters for uranium production.

Key Features

  • Low capital cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Compact modular design
  • Continuous counter current operation
  • Low resin attrition rate
  • High recovery from acid and alkaline leach
  • Proven technology


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