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Ezy-Guard Smart: The next generation guardrail barrier has arrived

Supplier: Ingal Civil Products By: Terry Colquhoun
30 August, 2011

Introducing Ezy-Guard Smart the next generation steel guardrail barrier providing superior motorist safety and more metres of barrier for your dollar

Recently approved by the NSW RTA, Ezy-Guard Smart is the next generation steel guardrail barrier providing superior motorist safety and more metres of barrier for your dollar.

Developed by Ingal Civil Products, Ezy-Guard Smart has been fully crash tested and evaluated according to the specifications for MASH Test Level 3 distinguishing it from all existing Australian public domain guardrail barriers. The MASH specification is an update to and supersedes NCHRP Report 350 for the purpose of evaluating new safety hardware devices.

Ezy-Guard Smart imposes lower forces to the impacting vehicle than traditional guardrail barriers. As the barrier deflects, vehicle impact energy is dissipated, reducing occupant risk forces and minimising vehicle damage.

Cost Advantage

The use of fewer components and a lightweight Z-post design provides savings on materials, freight and installation. Ezy-Guard Smart is up to 55% narrower than the current public domain systems conserving valuable formation width and allowing a greater recovery width to be provided for errant vehicles.

Consideration for Vulnerable Road User

The Ezy-Guard design does not contain any elements that become projectiles and there are no aggressive edges.

The revolutionary design of Ezy-Guard Smart shields the top of the rail above the posts. This eliminates a dangerous snag point, reducing the potential for the barrier to dismount motorcyclists or cyclists.

This is a significant safety benefit compared to all guardrail and cable barrier designs currently used within Australia.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured locally using state-of the art roll-forming and hot dip galvanizing technology, Ezy-Guard Smart uses up to 30% less steel than the current public domain systems. This reduction in steel content reduces energy consumption, creating a smaller ecological footprint, providing an environmentally friendly alternative.

For more information on Ezy-Guard Smart, contact Ingal Civil Products on 1800 803 795 or visit www.ezyguard.com