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Facilities Maintenance, Repair & Operations

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Here is a general overview of products from 3M we have available for different applications you may come across in the everyday running of your operations.


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From general and routine maintenance to annual restoration of buildings and machinery 3M offers a complete line of high quality and innovative products that bring value and performance to every maintenance task.

A full range of safety products for the protection of the maintenance team are available as well as a wide range of speciality tapes that meet various application requirements.


For the toughest of maintenance jobs, a range of Scotch-Brite™ abrasive discs such as Roloc™, Clean and Strip and XTDC quickly remove paint, burrs and rust.

Safety products
3M's range of products including disposable and reusable respirators, ear plugs and safety glasses are all innovatively designed with comfort in mind to protect employees and ensure safer work conditions.

Masking tape
A complete range of high quality masking tapes are available for a wide range of maintenance applications. 3M can offer tapes that have holding power for bundling, masking, sealing, have clean removal from surfaces and can be used at both low and high temperatures or for short or long term applications.

Gaffa tape
3M gaffa tape 1910C is an all round performer that no MRO professional should be without. 1910C is the tape you can trust to seal, mask, hold, patch, reinforce and repair. With high adhesive properties the tape grips on contact with most surfaces, is waterproof, weather resistant and also conforms to contours for a tight seal.

Aerosol adhesives
3M aerosol adhesives offer maintenance professionals easy and convenient bonding for substrates from paper to metal. For all multi-purpose bonding, Super Spray 77 provides a fast-tack adhesive for lightweight materials. For a water-resistant and long-term application use Hi-Strength spray 90.

Foil tape
3M foil tape 425 can be the perfect solution for many maintenance situations requiring protection, heat dissipation and insulation. 3M foil tape is flame and moisture resistant and not susceptible to UV degradation and most chemicals. Its thermally conductive properties are ideal for maintaining air-conditioning systems or any other repair that requires excellent thermal resistance or conductivity.

For general maintenance in the office facility including painting and general repairs, 3M offers fast and easy to use products to help improve your office environment aesthetically and for Environmental Health and Safety regulations compliance.

Available in many shapes, profiles and colours for design flexibility, 3M Bumpons product range can be used in the office to stop noise, vibration and skid resistance on furniture and office equipment.

Aerosol adhesives
For repair and maintenance within the office, 3M's range of aerosol adhesives offer the convenience and portability for workstation repairs and upholstery. The controlled spray pattern aids in minimising overspray and clean up.

3M™ reclosable fasteners provide an innovative alternative to screws, bolts and other traditional fasteners and save time, money and labour. 3M Dual-Lock™ is a flexible solution available in a variety of closure strengths and colours which is easily assembled and dismantled. Use Dual-Lock™ to invisibly attach signs or other non-permanent displays.

Masking/painting tape
A range of industrial strength masking tapes are available which may be used for indoor office painting, maintenance and repairs.

Clean-Walk™ mats
3M Clean-Walk™ mats feature a multi-sheeted adhesive system that captures dirt from shoe soles, wheels and other passing objects on contact. The top sheet easily peels away, instantly exposing a fresh, ready-to-use adhesive sheet. Clean-Walk™ mats are used in the office to protect/preserve the appearance and prolong the life of smooth and carpeted floor surfaces.

Scotch® ATG products make the perfect MRO companion within the office for signage and poster mounting, as well as general maintenance and repairs on fabrics, curtains, furniture and foams. The ATG system offers a quick, controlled application that can be up to five times faster than standard rolls of tapes and results in less clean up and wasted adhesive.

Warehouse and production
3M can provide a range of maintenance products that you can rely on for day-to-day operation of warehouse and production areas. Ensure the maintenance team have the core products that can help address safety
hazards, prevent injuries and help improve the efficiency of your production line.

Traction and UHMW tapes
3M Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) tape has a low coefficient of friction that is abrasion resistant and can be used for lining conveyors and chutes requiring a ‘slip' surface. Conversely 3M Traction Tape 5401's silicone surface creates a highgrip, non-stick surface for wrapping around rollers and other non-slip applications.

Lane marking
3M Vinyl Tape 471 sticks on contact to most surfaces for marking, identifying and colour coding. The tape resists abrasion, scuffing, moisture, weathering and chemicals whilst the bright colours offer permanent visibility for identifying lanes and corridors and other hazards.

Foil tape
3M Foil Tape 425 is an effective solution for sealing duct joints, insulation and flexible duct connections to minimise leaks, maximise efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs.

3M Safety-Walk™ slip-resistant tape comes in a variety of types to suit most situations where additional grip is required. The high-friction surface helps prevent trip and slip hazards in areas such as stairs, steps and corridors.

Cylinder adhesive
3M Scotch-Weld™ cylinder adhesive offers the convenience and freedom of an aerosol with the productivity of a bulk system. The cylinder adhesive offers a neat and controlled spray which can be applied to a variety of substrates for a strong bond with little adhesive wastage.

3M's extensive range of products can provide the solution for general maintenance on the exterior of the facility and its surrounding area. Whether for general repairs to signs, painting or clean up, these products mean that maintenance is easy and effective.

VHB adhesive tapes
Using conventional fabrication techniques such as rivets, screws and spot-welding are not only time and labour intensive but also may not produce an aesthetically pleasing result. 3M VHB (Very High Bond) is fast and easy to apply and offers an alternative bonding solution with a professional result. VHB tape is perfect for many permanent applications such as sign mounting.

hIPA Clean 300
hIPA Clean 300 is an IPA spray that cleans surfaces prior to the application of a 3M tape or adhesive. Packaged in an aerosol, the product is easy to apply and quickly and effectively cleans grease, oil and dirt from many types of substrates. Being IPA based, the product is user friendly and dries quickly leaving no residue.

Abrasives and paint masking
Combine 3M abrasives and masking tapes to make maintenance of the outdoor area as easy and effective as possible. 3M Scotch-Brite™ hand pads are ideal for surface preparation such as paint and rust removal. Before painting, protect the area with 3M 2308 high performance masking tape which, when applied correctly, produces clean lines without paint bleed and can be removed easily upon completion of the job.

Hot-melt adhesive
The range of 3M Scotch-Weld™ hot melt adhesives are ideal for bonding almost any surface. Once applied with the Polygun™ applicator they cool, harden and reach bond strengths in seconds. They are a fast and effective solution that also increase workplace safety by being solvent-free.


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