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Facility monitoring systems: System overview

Supplier: Kenelec Scientific
04 May, 2010

Our FMS is easy to use, and has a simple user interface, based on a traffic light system.

All environmental sensors can be displayed on one screen and are represented by a box containing the sensor type details, the location of the sensor and the sensor data.

If the background is green then the environmental conditions are within specification. If the background is yellow then a warning has been triggered. If red then an alarm has been triggered requiring user interaction.

With this display an operator can quickly look at the screen an identify any problems or issues that may be on the way. We have also built into our system many fail-safes that will enable the system to keep on monitoring if a problem occurs for instance the vacuum system has built in redundancy with a backup pump.

The RTS a dual redundancy also built in with shadow pro- tect software and we have made the data backup process much easier and more reliable. Therefore providing you with a robust and reliable system.

  • Monitors ALL environmental conditions
  • HVAC flow and alarms
  • Laboratory equipment inc product storage
  • Viable and Non Viable particles
  • Validation only on one system
  • Operator training only on one system
  • Redundant and backup features built in
  • Complete GAMP and 21CFR11 compliance
  • All available from one supplier

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