Fanquip modifies its range of air curtains

Air curtains
Air curtains

Air movement specialist Fanquip has made several key design modifications to its industrial quality range of air curtains to enable simpler installation and ongoing maintenance for trade specialists.

Access for maintenance is now safer and easier: the inlet grill and fixed rod are attached to the underside of a decorative cover rather than on the front, therefore providing access from directly beneath the unit.

Meanwhile, this decorative cover simply slips straight onto the mounting bracket allowing maintenance people fast access.

If required, an electrician can now attach switchgear on the back of the unit. This new simplicity of design and added measures of efficiency are complemented with aluminium or stainless steel covers and hot tipped galvanised steel brackets for an overall better and more durable build.

Satisfying the stringent requirements of AQIS and MSQA for hygiene and atmospheric control, Fanquip’s range of air curtains helps ensure a company maintains the standards expected by its own clients and its industry demands.

Being Australian-made, technical support for Fanquip is rapid and reliable. Industrially rated, Fanquip air curtains exceed the AQIS standards: a velocity of 8m/s at 900mm above the floor across the entire opening, and a minimum stream thickness of 50mm.

With curtain widths ranging from 900mm to 1500mm, Fanquip air curtains have free air volume outputs of 850 l/s to 2200 1/s and are ready-wired for immediate connection.