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Fanquip’s relocatable dust control systems for industry

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Close Air movement specialist Fanquip has combined its various technologies and expertise to meet the need for niche sized fixed and relocatable dust control systems for the industrial sector.

As an example, in a recent installation Fanquip designed and manufactured a specialised collector unit for a company that encountered an ongoing dust cloud problem when pumping cement into a furnace.

Fanquip is combining its fan technologies, to provide dust containment units for rapid deployment and re-deployment when required.

Able to handle a wide range of dust particle sizes from large and coarse right down to fines and clinker, the choice of either fixed units or relocatable units that are economical and specific ensures that general dust control, as a necessary safety solution, is now easily affordable by companies of all sizes.

Portable solutions are able to be fork lifted and put into the back of a van or truck for relocation on the same site or at any other site.

A Fanquip spokesman says the recent red dust storm along the eastern seaboard of Australia alerted the general public to the effect delivered by invasive dusts that come from outside their local zones.

As part of its dust control solution service, a Fanquip specialist first analyses the situation and then recommends an appropriate design based on optimised dust collection units that can easily cope with the forecast maximum duty cycle of the application.

Of particular interest to clients opting for a fixed location dust control system is Fanquip’s ability to institute appropriate safety measures relating to accessibility for ongoing inspection and maintenance.

Because Fanquip is an Australian based company, it is also very accessible for upgrade advice and maintenance as well as general safety analysis associated with its technologies.

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