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Farmstar - Precision Data Processor

Supplier: Fairport

Import Precision Farming data from various sources into one software package for easy processing, analyisis and creation of Variable Rate Application files.

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The FarmStar - Precision data Processor features enable you to:

  • Create very sophisticated raster images of spatially variable data, such as yield data collected from a yield monitoring system aboard a harvester. The FarmStar data imaging system is very powerful and flexible... very user-configurable. Farmstar uses various methods for creating raster images including Kriging (specially designed for very sparse data) and a proprietory, extra fast "Optimized" method developed by Fairport
  • Create raster or vector (coloured circles or coloured lines) representations of soil test data, leaf test data and any other data you may record along with GPS coordinates. With vector representation you display data values and position them on the map at any angle and size. 
  • Combine data sets to create averaged data over several years. 
  • Interface with GPS hand held logging devices. This allows you to log areas (e.g. Areas of weeds) on the ground and transfer the information to your computer. 
  • Display statistical analysis of data for whole paddocks or within smaller, digitised areas within paddocks. 
  • Sub-Set Data to analyse special areas within paddocks. Confine yield and other images using the "Image Constraint" system.  
  • Export your data as "CSV" for importing into Excel. Import "CSV" files from Excel.
  • Create "VRT" recipe maps for all commonly used Variable Rate Control systems (KEE, Farmscan, Rinex, Flexicontrol) for accurate seed, fertiliser and chemical applications. 
  • Combine spatially variable data from more than one paddock (even an entire farm) and display it in raster or vector form. 
  • Combine Yield Data from any yield monitoring system... meaning for example that if you have a Case harvester and a John Deere harvester and a MicroTrak equipped harvester in the same field, FarmStar can combine their data into a single data set for yield mapping. 
  • Live GPS Mapping (FarmStar Lite only). Moving Map display. Create Farm Maps (any maps) interactively. PAM+FarmStar users can also use FarmStar Lite at no extra cost.