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Fatigue Management | SSEA

Supplier: Specialised Safety Equipment Australia

SSEA provides a fatigue checklist.

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The SSEA fatigue management checklist:

If you experience any of the following; PULL OVER AND REST:

  • You keep yawning.
  • You have poor concentration.
  • You have difficulty keeping your head up or eyes open.
  • You start 'nodding'.
  • Your eyes feel sore or heavy.
  • Your vision starts to blur or dim.
  • You start 'seeing things'.
  • You find you're daydreaming, thinking of everything else but your driving.
  • You become impatient and make rash, dangerous decisions.
  • You feel hungry or thirsty.
  • Your hands feel sweaty.
  • Your reactions seem slow.
  • You feel stiff or cramped.
  • Your driving speed creeps up or down.
  • You start making poor gear changes.
  • You wander over the centreline or into another lane or onto the road edge.
  • You hear a droning or humming in your ears.
  • You don't notice a vehicle until it suddenly overtakes you.
  • You can't remember the past few kilometres.

Please note that we are aligned with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).