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Fenwick Gold for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Supplier: Fenwick Software

Fenwick Software has developed a number of software granules to meet the special requirements of our Australian clients.

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These provide a very cost effective way to enhance Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Some are suitable for all NAV clients; some are specific to manufacturers.

Gold for Everyone

  1. Street Names
    1. Functionality
      • Uses a commercially available Street Name database
      • Updates Street, Suburb, Postcode and Map Reference
      • Uses part-name lookup to simplify lookup and selection
      • Allows new addresses to be added to database manually
      • Permits foreign addresses to be entered manually
    2. Benefits
      • Faster entry of addresses
      • Street name spelling is validated
      • Addresses are consistent in format
      • No need to look up or guess postcodes or map references
  2. Discontinued Master Data
    1. Functionality
      • Customers, Vendors and items can be flagged as discontinued
      • Discontinued records are hidden from lists and cards
      • Separate discontinued lists facilitate restoration
    2. Benefits
      • Lists are not cluttered with redundant data
      • Users cannot select discontinued records which reduces errors
      • Ability to filter out discontinued records from reports
  3. Field Level Security
    1. Functionality
      • Restrict modification of important fields on any table
      • Roles based or individual user restriction
    2. Benefits
      • Easy to setup
      • Reduces errors
      • Greater control over system security
  4. Advanced Sales Prices
    1. Functionality
      • Setup prices based on Item Category Code
      • Automatically sets Ending Date on old prices if new price with same combination entered
      • Hides ended prices from view
      • Automatic 'All Customers' price created from entry of Unit Price against the Item Card for data setup consistency
    2. Benefits
      • Item category pricing adds flexibility and can reduce the number of prices that need to be setup and maintained
      • Maintaining pricing history a lot simpler with automatic Ending Dates
  5. Item Charge Analysis
    1. Functionality
      • On screen overview of freight and import costs for purchased items
      • Drill down capability to see detailed transactions
    2. Benefits
      • Better insight into the freight impact on the cost of your items
      • Easy to use on screen reporting
  6. Receivables Management
    1. Functionality
      • On screen overview of outstanding accounts
      • Amounts owing are split into user defined aging buckets
      • Drill down capability to see detailed transactions
      • Contact details shown
      • Resend Statements and outstanding Invoices
      • Comments can be entered directly
    2. Benefits
      • All receivables functionality contained in one easy to use screen
      • Streamlines the receivables process
  7. Advanced Analysis Reports
    1. Functionality
      • Improved keys and summary options on Analysis View to speed up running of reports
      • Auto refresh of lines and auto building of Hierarchical and top 10 reports
      • Simplified running and exporting of reports
      • Extra filtering possibilities
      • Include un-posted figures
      • Excel format customisation from within NAV
      • Analyse Bill-to and Sell-to sales figures
    2. Benefits
      • Improved speed and performance
      • Up to date data is always used
      • Easier for all users to run reports as required
      • Time saved formatting in excel
  8. Dimension Management
    1. Functionality
      • Refresh all posted history with changed or added dimensions on Customers, Vendors, Items and Salespeople
      • Automatically refresh Analysis views with an overnight scheduled batch job
    2. Benefits
      • Accurate reporting on up to date data
      • All ledgers updated for consistency
      • Manage data updates yourself
      • Improved performance

Gold for Manufacturers

  1. Item Configurator
    1. Functionality
      • Item, Bill of Material and Routing all setup on the one screen
      • See calculated standard cost breakdown on screen
      • Manage BOM and Routing Versions with current version shown automatically
    2. Benefits
      • Faster entry of new manufactured Items
      • Better insight into cost calculation
      • Simpler version management
  2. Production Variance Report
    1. Functionality
      • Report Standard vs Actual costs at component and routing line level
      • Include only Production Orders outside a certain percentage or amount variance
      • Summarised and detailed view
    2. Benefits
      • Better insight into manufacturing costs and what is causing large variances
      • Better variance analysis and margin control
      • Easy detection of errors in BOMs and Routings
      • Faster EOM reconciliation