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Field Analyser | Narda – EHP-50D

Supplier: Air-Met Scientific

Narda EHP-50D Field Analyser NBM is an electric and magnetic isotropic field analyser.

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The EHP 50D is an E-field & H-field analyzer for low frequency fields, selective and broadband measurements. It can now interface with the NBM 550.

The EHP-50D adopts the same extremely flexible operating concept found in preceding models, such as "Stand Alone" mode, remote control by PC via an optical connection, and remote E and H field sensor for portable field meter.

The EHP-50D as well as its different operating modes therefore appears to be the same as the EHP-50C but it has a completely new "heart" beating within it to give the highest level of performance even in the most complex situations.

The EHP-50D was designed to provide all the performance, capacity and functions needed, and is shown as the best tool for measuring low frequency electric and magnetic fields and displaying, recording and analyzing their values on the NBM-550 field meter or a PC screen.

The PC program allows for remote control by optical fiber as well as for setting the probe and downloading measurement results acquired in "Stand Alone" mode or stored in the NBM-550 memory.

The EHP-50D provides an advanced solution for field measurements in the 5 Hz to 100 kHz range, with an unsurpassed total dynamic range of up to 150 dB and a built-in spectrum analyzer function.

Thanks to the spectrum analysis capacity, with the EHP-50D you can just measure the contribution from the selected source – e.g. a high voltage line – excluding other nearby disturbing frequencies.


  • Electric fields from 0.02 to 1000V/m
  • Magnetic fields from 0.6mA/m to 300A/m
  • Auxiliary input for spectrum analysis of external signals
  • Separate 3-axis and total values
  • Built-in-frequency spectrum analysis
  • Maximum BW resolution of 1kHz for detailed measurements
  • Calculation of field wave impedance
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Optical fibre connection to PC and 8053-display and logger unit
  • Only 92 x 92 x 109mm in size