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Field Control Solutions - MC311 Minicom

Supplier: Sphere Systems

This Minicom is a general purpose, expansive I/O field controller. It is suitable for switch board mounting.

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MC311 Minicom


  • Maximum of 40 inputs as follows:
  • 8 universal (analogue or digital) inputs.
  • Configured as analogue inputs:
  • Full scale range 0 - 10 volts
  • Resolution 8 bit (40mV per step)
  • Configured as digital inputs:
  • Dry switch closure to ground. Sinks about 2mA when switch closed.


Maximum of 40 outputs as follows:

  • 4 digital outputs and 4 universal analogue or digital outputs.
  • Individual LEDs on each output. LED intensity indicates output level.
  • Digital outputs switch between 0 and 12 volts.
    • Current source capability is up to 100mA per output, limited by power supply capacity.
    • Current sink current is up to 300mA per output.
    • Positive DC voltage only.
    • An optional relay output board can be used with the processor.
  • Analogue outputs are pulse width modulated 0 to 10 volts. Current source and sink specifications as per digital outputs.

Other hardware features

  • On-board battery backed real time clock keeps track of current date and time.
  • Clock accuracy is better than ± 1 minute per month.
  • Battery backed memory saves system setups and logged data.
  • High quality detachable input/output terminals for ease of connection.
  • Onboard firmware
  • The MC311 minicom contains a rich set of algorithms which can be used to implement complex control systems without the need for writing any programs. This allows the MC311 to keep a plant running even if the network it is connected to fails.
  • Communication to the MC311 is either via a standard RS232 link at 9600 baud or via Sphere Systems 41 kb RS485 network.
  • The MC311 implements time clocks for the time control of outputs.
  • The MC311 has extensive data logging capabilities and all analogue input and output channels can be logged at user selectable data rates. Digital inputs and outputs can also be logged.
  • The MC311 implements after-hours fallback, economy plant on/off cycling, load shedding and lead/lag algorithms.
  • 8 level priority system for both analogue and digital outputs.
  • The MC311 implements a comprehensive alarm system.


  • Dimensions: 62mm wide x 208mm long
  • Board mounting: Snap track - no screws required.
  • Environmental: 5 - 50C, 10% - 90% non-condensing

Power supply

  • Nominal 15V DC @ 250mA, unregulated via screw terminals or Plug In connectors.

External Connection

  • Data - 20 way Flat ribbon. 3 metres maximum.


  • All electronics and power supplies can be mounted in plastic or metal sealed enclosures to meet environmental requirements.
  • No fans, heat sinks or other heat dissipation methods are required. Field wiring connections can be provided through plugs, sockets or penetrations in the enclosure meeting expected environmental requirements.
  • Enclosures will be sized to accommodate the equipment to be housed.

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