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Field Force Automation Software

Supplier: Techs4biz - Pervidi
18 February, 2013

The cost benefits of field force automation software to companies who employ field staff are quite significant.

Field force automation software helps to cut costs in a number of ways. First, such software helps to cut down the time taken by field staff to perform their duties. This means less time can be spent on tedious manual tasks which can be automated by a field mobility software suite. For example, field inspectors using a field force automation suite can perform more inspections in less time if their tasks were automated.

The second area of cost savings comes in the elimination of paperwork. Field force automation software reduces the need to use paper-based systems as information from the field can be converted to electronic form immediately and sent wirelessly to a database for storage and retrieval at a later time. There is no need for complicated filing systems which can be difficult to maintain and take up unnecessary space. The field force automation software can be made to quickly and easily retrieve information while in the field and allow management access to real-time data from the field.

Clearly field force automation software can help to reduce the costs associated with employing a large number of field staff but many organizations are concerned about the initial investment. Personal digital assistants or PDAs have been the most common device to run field force automation software suites. They are rugged devices with a variety of features such as an in-built microphone and camera. The downside is that they can be quite costly, particularly where the field force is large.
However, with the rise of other types of mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets which have the capability to run field force automation software, the initial investment has been drastically reduced. Many employees would already have company issued smart phones or tablets such as the iPad and so the only real cost is the cost of the field force automation suite itself. This investment can be recouped within a few years or even sooner given the cost savings. It’s no surprise then that field force automation software is becoming more and more popular.