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Figtree | Special Feature Licence

Supplier: Figtree Systems Pty Ltd

Available to you as an option, are a selection of Figtree Special Feature Licences.

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These non-standard features are uniquely designed to enhance the functionality of your chosen Figtree Solution.

The following are some of Figtree special feature licences available:

  • Activity Timer
    • Turning this special feature licence (SFL) on will enable you to record maintenance activities such as time spent on individual claim that needs to be recorded against its corresponding organisation. Activity time reporting available in Ad-Hoc can be used for billing, time management or other relevant maintenance recording purposes.
  • Configuration Migration
    • Configuration Migration is a special feature licence that allows the user to copy configurations of specified client from master database (source) to that for selected client in the target database. The configuration migration can be carried out within the same database between different clients OR between different databases. The process is to migrate the configurations and settings from one client of a database to the other client of the database. It will NOT process data such as claims or transactions.
  • Dashboard – Premium (only available as part of FigWeb)
    • This special feature currently only available in Figtree Web Interface (FigWeb) provides a graphical representation of data on the Start page allowing users to drill down onto individual record displayed. For productivity and better tool to manage task, diary and information efficiently, with your FigWeb and “dashboard” feature, you now can create and respond to your data with greater ease. You can configure how you want your dashboard graphics to look.(access to the back-end office required)
  • Document Database (FigDocs)
    • Inspired towards a paperless claims office environment, this feature has been designed to aim just that and more. FigDocs provides storage of all incoming documents and tags them against claims. Users are able to generate letters (including assessments, digital damage images and accident reports) and email, fax or print them and automatically send them directly from the users desk.
  • Figtree Web Interface (FigWeb)
    • For several years Figtree has harnessed web-enabled technologies as a core development focus for clients. The migration of the traditional "back office" system to the Internet/Intranet environment has realised numerous monetary benefits: Legacy client PC and other hardware is almost universally acceptable as an immediately deployable platform for system utilisation, superseding traditional infrastructure investment. And the "look and feel" of the system is intuitive. This is of particular relevance to larger organisations with multiple, remote sites as industry laymen are system capable anywhere without the need for training or induction.
  • Generic Load
    • This special licence feature automates the transfer of information from an ASCII file into the Figtree Systems database using a predefined specification.
  • Job Processor
    • The Job Processor is a scheduling tool to enable the automation of running interfaces, reports and workflows. The Job Processing option is made available to those Clients who have requested to automate the transfer of information from an ASCII file into their Figtree System using a predefined specification. This feature allows users to process different types of jobs by utilising a scheduling process with several job processors to run the submitted processes. Multi Job Processor is very useful when you have one job running huge batch reports and another job to run every three hours.
  • Medical Certificate Management
    • This special feature is made available to help register and maintain medical certificates and return to work status in relation to workers compensation claims and is only available in the Figtree Workers Compensation module.
  • Multiple Policy
    • This Special Licence allows you to reproduce Master Policy configuration into subsequent policies that are directly related to the Master Policy. This Feature enables the system administrator to effectively carry forward Master Policy data and configuration into secondary policies without the need to double key information
  • Policy Administration
    • An add-on to the Figtree Workers’ Compensation system; this feature provides policy search and quote screen functionality to enter valid information for calculation of premium and an effective business transaction for competitive claims and policy management services, to either be used as an internal monitoring system or for the quoting of claims and policy management services. The function has been designed to comply with WorkCover legislation.
  • Questionnaire (Web required)
    • Questionnaire is a facility within FigWeb allowing the configuration of various types of questionnaires to be created, updated and viewed, with full versioning support to allow the natural evolution of questionnaire formats to be supported without compromising older versions that been completed.
  • Proportional Reinsurance
    • Main function is to allocate to insurers the cost of claim on a proportional basis above the value of the primary layer. Reports are generated relating to the status of the claims, such as the amount paid, and outstanding estimates, and the proportion of the costs that each insurer is liable for. Reports can be set up for different clients with different formatting requirements.
  • Relational Links – Unlimited
    • Relational Links is a special new feature in Figtree that allows users to “link” records across modules. As standard, new and existing client can create up to 10 relational links (and in addition to their exiting field links). A special license feature is available for those that require more than 10.
  • Risk Control System
    • A Figtree special license feature that once installed can be accessed from the Other menu of Workers Compensation Module (Note: this feature will be applied to other modules in the future).
  • Recurring Payments
    • Recurring Payments is a special feature that allows for automated weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments. This feature is designed to reduce the manual entry nature of recurring payments.
  • Task Manager
    • This special feature licence can only be accessed in the Housekeeping and Workers Compensation modules and is used to record, track, and report on Tasks (jobs or actions) related to the processing of claims.
  • Total Cost Limit
    • This special feature allows the system to check the total cost of the claim against the user's "total cost limit" when the user tries to re-estimate.
  • Fleet Workshop
    • A Figtree Fleet Management system add-on, this feature supplies integration capabilities that involve templates (or frames) and Job Cards with data conversion between Figtree and other sources.
  • Vehicle Pool Management System
    • The Vehicle Pool Management System (VPMS) allow employees (and authorised contractors) to self-book a pool vehicle for business and private use. The system is designed to automate (where authorised) the self-booking and self serve hire of a pool vehicle.