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File Labels

Supplier: Compact Business Systems

Choose from one of the following options to obtain brilliant colour, high-quality and extremely flexible labels.

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Option 1: Compact factory produced file-indexing labels
Option 2: Online On Demand File Label Printing

You will reduce labeling costs from dollars to cents, when you convert to the Compact strip-labeling system.

How much time and money will you save?
Let’s use a Human Resources employee file application as an example.

You may need to attach 5 to 7 individual labels to each folder to identify its contents.

These could include:

  • Employee name
  • Department or location
  • Job title
  • Year
  • Employee number
  • Bar code identifier
  • Three colour coded alpha labels

Or you can use just ONE label containing all of the above!

Here is the payoff…
Applying 5 to 7 labels may take your staff 60 to 75 seconds. Applying one label will take 5 to 10 seconds.

You will save hours of expensive file creation labour using Compact’s strip labels!

Option 1. Compact factory produced file-indexing labels
Compact will produce colour-coded, all-in-one strip labels, ready for you to place onto your selected file folder.

We can supply you with a wide range of lateral file folders, wallets and expansion folders, fasteners to secure the paper in the file and printed tab index dividers for the efficient management of the following filing applications:

  • Human Resources (employee) records
  • Student records
  • School staff records
  • Work-cover claims
  • Aged care clinical and resident files
  • Real estate property management and property sales records
  • Visiting medical officer records

You can choose from our standard indexing designs, or we will produce labels for specific requirements.

The labels can contain one or all of the following file indexing identifiers:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Branch or location
  • Employee or file number
  • Year and/or month
  • Bar code
  • Logo
  • Images
  • Colour coded alpha characters
  • Colour coded numbers

Option 2. Produce labels in house with Labels Anywhere
You have the power to select and print brilliant colour-coded labels complete with personalised bar codes and graphics from any location. So you get the labels you want, when you want them.

Any label. Anywhere. Anytime.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a suitable inkjet or laser colour printer.

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