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Fill-Air Cyclone® Inflatable Packaging System

Supplier: Power Packaging
12 February, 2014

Sealed Air Inflatable Packaging: The Fill-Air Cyclone® inflatable packaging system meets the most rigorous, high-volume packaging challenges without giving up valuable floor space.

Ready to Work Right out of the Box

With the Fill-Air Cyclone® system, installation is a breeze. The simple yet sophisticated design requires minimal training. The system is shipped in a small carton, and simply needs to be plugged in and loaded with film to begin making packaging material. No shop air is required!

Cyclone Inflatable Pillows - Green Film

Sealed Air is committed to providing solutions to our customers' environmental challenges in a reliable, cost-effective and responsible manner. Because Fill-Air® material inflates on-site, it takes up a fraction of the truck space needed to ship conventional packaging materials, greatly reducing the transportation impact.
Cyclone Inflatable Pillows - Bench Usage

The Fill-Air Cyclone® has a compact footprint (less than 1.5sq. ft.) that makes it ideal for tabletop placement at a pack station. Push-button operation allows material to be created on demand. Material can also be batched into bins for use at satellite packaging stations. An auto-replenishment sensor can be implemented to maintain a consistent supply of material at all times.